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How to edit background? Create cb background

Hallo guys welcome on adviserbird. Today we will learn about CBbackground. Whats is the Cbbackground? and how to convert any normal backgrout to CBbackground. And how to edit background in picsart.

A lot of apps are available on Playstore to edit the background of any photo. But PicsArt is the most simple and good app. In which we can easily change the background of any photo.

After editing the background, we can easily do it with eres. Like a computer in Photoshop, the smartphone has Picsart.

So today we are going to talk in this post, how we edit the background of any photo and we will get it in cb background.

Edit background

What is Cb Background?

We see a different kind of background on any social media, which is different from the actual background. Is edited separately. Which we have dal picture of cbbackground in this post.

We have to download cb background from different platforms to replace cbbackground. And after that we edit.
But without changing background, we have to convert the background of the same picture into cb background.

Download some cb backgrounds

What kind of picture would you like to create a Cb background?

To convert the background of any picture into a cb background, we have to like the draw and light background, like the picture’s background light. Some trees are covered. By liking a background like this, the picture’s picture cb draws very attractively.

To change the cb background, we have to use picsart, but some adds are visible in picsart application, and due to which we have difficulty editing, then the data connection is turned off.

How to Make Cb Backgrounds?

  • To create a cb background of any picture, we have to download the application called picsart.
  • After installing picsart follow this steps
  • Open the Picsart application.
  • Tap on edit
  • Select the photo that need to be edite with background
  • Put photo in picsart
  • You will see some options like tools, effect, beauty
  • Click on effect from these options
  • After clicking Effect, some other options are displayed.
  • Tap on artist from these options.
  • In Artist, select one of the Fatal 1 and Fatal 2 options.
  • If you tap on Fettal 1 or Fettal 2, you will see some effects.
  • We have to remove any person or Thing from that effect. To remove, tap on the erase option above. From where you want to remove the impact of fettal, do it right there.
  • After removing the fettal effect on the person, save it. And click the effect again.
  • After clicking on the effect again, click on Options fx option.
  • Click on the fx option to see different effects. Click on the HDR from those options
  • On click of HDR, there will be some effects in the photo. After showing the effect of HDR, save it.
  • After saving the effect of HDR, again we have to effect of fettal.
  • Select the artist option by clicking on the effect again. And click on Fettal 1 or Fettal 2.
  • After clicking on Fettal, erase the thing or person you want to show, erase it with the above erase option.
  • By doing this you will see some effects in the background. Which is cb background. Save it
  • And again click on Effect and tap on fx. And apply the HD effect. And the photos will become better.

So in any normal background we can create a cb background.

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