How to make video downloader app and earn money

How to make(create) app and earn money by putting adds.

Everyone wants to earn(make) money online sitting at home. To earn money online, we have a platform. On which we can earn money by working.

Advertising has become the biggest tool to make money by becoming a publisher. Everyone looks to advertise on a platform by creating a platform. And earn money.

People do their online business, by blogging, youtube and app put advertise on these platforms. Instead Youtube and blogging i say make a great app.We have to do so much work in blogging and YouTube. But we need not hard work in application. Work simple and earn money by android app.

So today we will know how to start online earnings by making a simple app. By the way, we have to make a lot of effort to make a professional app, or else we have to make an app by giving money to anyone. But we can create a simple Android app Free. So today you will be guided by me how can make app, how to earn money by puting advertising on it.

How to make video downloader app free

You can create an app in free from appsgeyser. In the video downloader, I make an appeal for example. But you can make any type of app. The video downloader app does not work properly. But the steps to make video downloader app are simple, so I’m giving these examples. But you can create awesome application by appsgeyser.

For making video downloader android application follow these steps.

With appsgeyser we will create video downloader application for free. You can make this app in your mobile too. But making it in your computer will be very easy.

  • First of all open the appsgeyser’s website. Whose link has given hear. Appsgeyser
  • By opening the website of appsgeyser, the option of login is given in the above right side. Go there and log in . If you are a new user, sigh up.
  • The option to the create app is given near the login option. Click on it
  • A different category of app creation will be given. Like as website, browser, media player Those who like you, you can make the app.
  • To create a video downloader app on the left side menu, like as popular, new, web, media. Click on those media option.
How to make app with appsgeyser
  • In the media you will see the video downloader option. Click on it
  • You are now ready to make the video downloader app. Now you have to do some settings of video downloader app.
  • Slowly page down. Options like title, link, and icon will appear.
How to make app with appsgeyser
Create app
  • Enter the link and name of the website from which you want to make a video download from the app.
  • Like as Youtube in the title, in the link and insert the YouTube icon in the icon.
  • You can put as many videos websites as you want to dwonload from there. Like as Facebook, Instagram, raddit, tumblr etc.
  • The options for the lower preferences setting will be visible. Select the one you like and click on Next.
  • Now you have to enter the name of the app. Whatever you have to keep, you can keep that name. Like as video downloader 2019 Click on NextPoint.
  • Now has to insert the description. In it, the video downloader’s related we can put the description. Click on next to insert the description.
  • Put App icon. If you want to keep the default icon, keep it. You can upload your icon created by you, clicking by on the custom icon.
How to make app with appsgeyser
Make app
  • icon upload and click next Now click on create

Congratulation. Your video downloader app app is ready. Now you can download the video downloader app By placing advertise on this app, you can publish it to PlayStore.

How to download app.

  • Scroll down the dashboard page to download app
How to make app
download app
  • You will see the option of the download app. You can download the app by clicking on the download.

How to put advertise on app

To show you advertise on the app you created, you must have a account of admod. Admod’s account can be created by clicking on the given link. Admod

  • To display advertise on the App, click on the left side options given to Monetize.
  • When you click on monatize, you have to follow some of their steps. By following those steps you can create advertise.

Which can be understood by step by step by clicking on this link. Put advertise

How to publish application on playstore.

To publish the app to google playstore, from the options given in the left side of the dashboard, click Publish.

  • You will see the option of publishing. Click on it
  • You will be asked to follow some steps. You follow it carefully.

Full guide how to publish app on play store. watch video

In this way, you can earn money making your own free app. We have explained to you step by step, how to make an android app, how to put advertise, and how to publish it on the Play Store. Many people ask me proof, that you tell proof. But whatever he has to do, he will do it. These are 100% unique way. If you find these articles helpful then definitely share your friends with them.

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