Top 3 keyword research tool | Rank your website in top 20 free

If you are a blogger, if you are a marketer, then this post will be very helpful for you. Top 3 free keyword research tool that is totally free. Through these keyword tools, we can find the keyword for our website. By finding keywords, you can easily bring your articles to the top 10.

Free keyword tool
Free keyword research tool

Until our website is not rank in Google, we can not generate good traffic. Very good earning from organic traffic instead another traffic platforms Every blogger asks to boost the articles on his website in Google.

Your article will only boost when you have used keywords. If you write articles without keyword research, never generate traffic on your website.

Many keyword research tools are paid. Which we can use by giving money. I never use paid keyword research for website. The Free Keywords Tool is superficial for keyword finding. I am happy with my free keyword research tools.

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Let,s know about free keyword reserch tools

If you make good use of keyword tools, you will get good results. These three keyword reserch tools are used in different ways. The only keywords we have to write the article in conjunction with the three tools.

UberSuggest Free Keyword Research Tool

Ubersuggest free keyword tool
Ubersuggest free keyword tool

You must know neil patel. He is the king of marketing. Their blog posts are very helpful for marketing. This ubersuggest tool have got me from their website I have been using this tool for a long time. Ubersuggest has been very helpful to me.

Using ubersuggest is very easy to use. ubbersuggest I like it very well, it finds full information of any keyword. We get full information about the keyword through ubbersuggest.

How good Ubersuggest

Through ubersuggest we can know , that how much % we have a chance of keyword ranking. Ubersuggest informs us that you have a 57% chance, that you can rank this keyword in the top 20.

Ubersuggest informs us about long keywords and Popular Websites. When we research a keyword, ubersuggest informs about the top websites for that keyword. In this way, you can get complete information about a keyword.

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How to use

Simply open the ubersuggest keyword tool. Write the keyword that you want to know about. Then click on the search. You will get full information in front of you.

Mondovo Free Keyword Research Tool

Mondovo free keyword research tool
Mondovo free keyword reserch tool

Mondovo is a very good keyword tool. But you can not use it like a ubersuggest. If you have to use it like ubersuggest, then you have to pay some money. We can use it very well in free also.

Through this tool, you can learn the keywords of any top category. Such as SEO Then mondovo will give you all the related keywords of seo. Which will be very helpful for you.

How to use

Simply let you go to mondovo‘s website from this link, and to find keywords in your category. Which is very easy. Down page and get all type of keywords. Put any keyword in ubersuggest and get all information.

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google keyword planner keyword research tool

google keyword planner free keyword research tool
Google keyword planner keyword tool

Every blogger is public about Google Keyword Planner. This is Google’s tool. Which is totally free. With this keyword tool, we can find many keywords. Google keyword informs us the specification of keywords, searches, cpc etc. Which is very helpful.

In the first Google keyword planner, the information about the keyword goes out. Using the Google keyword planner is very easy.

How to use

google keyword planner is Google’s product. Which we can open with this link.

  • Enter your email and password and lig in
  • Click on find keyword.
  • Enter your keyword. And press the eneter.
  • You can select contry. The above option is given.

By these keyword research tools you can rank your website in top 20. These I like these tools. I hope this article is very helpful. Please don’t forget share it.

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