What is blogging? Full guide

What is blogging??

You know that blogging is the best option for converted passion into profit. Today i will tell about blogging. And i will full guide you in blogging. We will know what is the benefits of blogging? Who can work in blogging? And what is requairnment of blogging? How writing  blog?

About blogging

What is Blogging?

When we share  Our exceperionce, Information,  Helping contains by internet and get many visiters this is a blogging work. When we work unique work we can get success easily. Very people made them future with blogging. Blogging is the best career point in now days. Because this time is digital time. Peoples turned books to mobile and laptop. They are always searching any questions on search engine like as google,bing etc. When we put them ans. on internet or search engine this is blogging.

In blogging we can share all type of tips, General knowledge and any types of knowledge, about study.

Benefits of blogging

Blogging is freedom work, we can work like own boss. In blogging we not need any slavery. We can work with own exceperience and knowledge.

We convert our passion into prophet. and earning money in some days. By ad networking like as Google adsense, Medea.net and any best adnetworks sites. And Affaliate marketing or provide service.

There is no more investment. We can work free in blogging. By google blogger site.

This is a not physicly work we can work with own idea

Who can work in blogging

Anyone starting blogging. No any requirenment for blogging. We need knowledge.  We should be typing perfectly. We can start blogging in any language but English is the best language for blogging, Because english is international language and anyone know english. But yo can do not explain your knowledge in english the you can explain your knowledge in own language like as Hindi, Franch etc.

In blogging you needn’t any degree. You can work only with your typing and language knowledge.

Become blogger you need laptop or smart phone, And connected with internet. So we easy work on blogging and become best blogger. Best and easily working use laptop. So we can work fast and type fast and we can creat best design for our blogger site. We can work in mobile also but mobile work slow and deskop site are loading very time, zoom problem so you will irritate.

Use fast internet then we can work fast. Without internet we can not work in blogging. Internet is second requirenment after laptop or mobile.

How writing blog

This is major question of  bloggers that how writing bloggs? For writing a blog we need knowledge and niche. Without knowledge and niche we can not write blog. Someone bloggers are copy from onther sates, but this is not bloging. Bloging want unique work.

How creat a blogger site

For starting blogging we need one plateform(website) so we can work on it. In simple steps we make blogging website.
 For make blogger site the best two option.
1-Google Blogger


But i suggest for blogging google blogger site. Because google provide free lifetime hosting. And provide free blogspot.com subdomain.

For creat blogging site go to google blogger site. ragistration by your email adress. And choose your blogger site name. Please choose your niche type name.  It is prepared blogger site. Write best bloggs. Always keep in your mind put unique articles. Do not copy any other site. Whane you copy any other site, you can not get success. Provide your own knowledge and experiences.

Put your website in google search console. And get organic traffics by google. For get traffic from google, you need put your site in google websmaster tool, and verify your blogger website.

When we work hard in blogging you can get success 100%. Many bloggers are earning in month thousands rupees. In india. For read your helping contain always connected with adviserbird.

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