What is the meditation and benefits of meditation

What is meditation- Explain

Hallo friends welcome on adviserbird. Today i will explain about meditation. What is the meditation and which is benefits of meditation? What is yoga meditation? What is the effect of meditation on our body and mind. And which type of meditation. Today I will full explain. So read whole article.

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Why should meditation.
Many years ago risimuni also given the great benefits and ideas of meditation. We must meditation daily. Because we can calm our mind by meditation. By meditation we get affect on us face. And we will attract people with us. Meditation is most important for us life.

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Benefits of meditation

I will say you meditation first. Because we will know benefits of meditation than we can  meditation well. Very much benefits of meditation. Some benefits are hidden and some benefits we can explain properly.

By meditation we can make our playful mind calm in some days. When we calm our mind we can thinking great thoughts and we can make our life greatfull. In our running life very peoples are living around us. And they forget quickly enything, and they suffuring this type of problem. And their brains are also weak. So we can solve this problem by meditation in short time. And we get strong mind and courage of thinking by meditation.

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We all know some peoples are annoyed on littel bit. And we get feel bad that time. We can control the anger mind by meditation. And we will make great our life. We will win others heart by meditation. We can get population by control our anger mind.

Many years ago the risimuni have extraordinary skills and courage. They also wrote in books that we can get extraordinary skills by meditation. We all know that our mind is so dangerous. When we give its true direction that we can make awesome our life.

Type Of Meditation

Meditation on breath→  In this type of meditation. We pay attention on breath overview long time. Make our surrounding clean and calm before sit on do meditation. Take very deep breath and remove and note how long time prevent breath in our body.
Third Eye meditation→This is very best type of meditation. But this type is difficult. In this type we have to concentrate between our two eyes. First we have to sit in calm and clean climate. After close eyes. And concentrate between two eyes. And get light between our two eyes.

Yoga meditation         → Yoga meditation is not type of meditation. But this is one way to meditation. In yoga meditation we have to open our eyes. And stable our eye vision any one thing. Like as white or black  dot. And have to stable our mind any one thing. 

Listen meditation         → In this type of meditation we have to concentrate any voice. We have to heard carefully voice. We can heard birds voice, any best music, best song. But we have to full pay attention on voice. 

I hope you understood all about meditation. Meditation is best way for calm our mind. Share article thanks.

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