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Facebook marketing explained for small business.

Facebook is most popular social media network. We can get good profit our small business by facebook marketing. To make best profit from facebook, facebook marketing is most important. So today i will give you best and free tricks and tips for facebook marketing. And grow your business or website.

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Today we will learnig facebook page marketing. How create a facebook  page? How increase likes on a page. How get many visitors on page’s post. So start learn facebook marketing with me.

First create a facebook page on facebook

For facebook marketing we need facebook page. On facebook page we manage easly facebook traffic, so we need one facebook page. We can not share on products and website links on us facebook profile. Because a link post not get best traffic on facebook. So we need create a facebook page.

Create Facebook page on descope

  1. First open facebook site.
  2. Login by your email and password.
  3. After login on facebook sow on above options. Example Home, create
  4. Click on create option. And we get five options after click on create. Page, Ad, group And event
  5. For making page click on page
  6. After click on page feel information and put your business name. Congrats you page crated.

Create facebook page on mobile app

For creat facebook page on mobile app follow steps.

  1. Open you facebook app in your mobile.
  2. Login with your email address and password.
  3. After login on facebook show on above menus. exa. Friends icon, Messenger icon, Bell icon, More menu 3 line icon.
  4. Click on More menu 3 line icon
  5. Down page. Tap on create page.Put page name and details
  6. congrats your page created.

How do we create a facebook page, We have told you in simple way about create facebook page.

How get many likes on Facebook page.

Without page like we can not grow our business product posts and website links or business informations. After create a page we need a many likes on us page. We can create a many likes by facebook ad but it is not free. We need pay dollars to facebook, after they publish our facebook page ad. But today i will tell you increase page likes absolutely free, with simple tricks.

Choose a attractive page profile pictiure and cover picture.

To get more likes and followers on facebook page, we have to have attractive profile picture and cover photo. Because people will see a attractive profile picture, they will know that this page is something special. For this we should like and follow this facebook page. So facebook page profile picture is important for people attraction.

Use best photo edits software. Make awesome profile picture in software. I suggest you picsart and photoshop is best software for photo editing.

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Post regularly in different time.

upload best post regularly for increase like. Don’t publish only your products or links. Because seeing similar post repeatedly makes people bothered. And people avoid like our page. So upload jokes, funny videoes, best advice, quotes and anymore attractive posts. Upload regularly.

For get good, and attractive post updates, people will be forced to like your page. This will increase likes of your page.

Invite friend for your facebook page like.

This is important step for increase facebook like. Throw this step we invite our facebook friends to like page. People will know about page, only when they will like our page. So this is important for increase like page. Invite your friends by facebook page.

Make editor for facebook page marketing.

We can invite the same friends for like page, as our facebook friends. Get more invites we need editors of facebook page. To invite  more peoples, we should add editors to the facebook page. And say him increase like of page. Add editor from your facebook friend or business partener.

Share your facebook page link to increase likes and followers

Open your facebook page in browser. Get link and share on different platforms to increase likes. Ask people to like your page. Share your facebook page link on messengers, like as Whatsapp, Hike, Facebook massenger, Raddit, Scoop it. These are most profitable messengers and  websites to increase likes. Before share page link edit link with attractive image and quotes.

Follow above steps seriously and increase your page like. Without sharing your page not get more likes. So always share page on different sites and messengers and groups.

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Promot your posts absolutely free

Many peoples are boost their posts by create ad. And facebook post reached many peoples. But today i will learn you best trick in simple way. How boost post and reached many peoples and get best profit on your products. Increase your website traffic.

to reach the post more people, it is important to have facebook groups. Without facebook group we can not boost post.

How boost product post and website link on facebook page 

  1. First of all create attractive post. Whether it is link or product post or information, or video.
  2. After create post, publish it.
  3. Tap on share.
  4. Share different different groups. And boost your post.
Facebook page post shared result

When people reach on your facebook post, you get orders or website traffic.

I hope you find this post helpful.Today I have told you how to marketing with Facebook. If you like the post, then definitely share it with your friends. They will also have help.

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