How To Become CA After 12th

How To Become CA After 12th : everyone struggles to make a successful life. And making a bright future by doing jobs like engineer, doctor, and pilot. Everyone desires to get a better future. Likewise, someone wants to become a chartered accountant. So today you are going to know about how to become a Chartered accountant CA after 12th in India.

How to become a CA after 12th
How to become a Chartered accountant CA after 12th

Before becoming a Chartered accountant, we should know the basic information related of chartered accountant

The full form of CA is Chartered Accountant.

A chartered accountant works like accounting, company tax returns, balance shit. But becoming a chartered accountant is not so easy. To become a CA, we have to make a lot of effort.

After becoming a chartered accountant, you can do jobs in fields like Accountant, Banking, Tax. To become a CA you have to pass a few exams. After passing the exam, you can get your degree. After that, you can apply for a job in any company.

Friends, I will try to give complete information about how to become a Chartered accountant. That’s why read the process of becoming a chartered accountant.

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How To Become A Chartered Accountant After 12th

  • Pass 12th standard
  • CA foundation course
  • Clear entrance exam
  • Register for intermediate courses
  • Apply for article ship
  • Chartered Accountant final exam

The second way to become a CA after graduation

  • Direct entry root

Pass 12th standard

Friends, you have to pass 12th to become a chartered accountant. By the way, you should start the process preparation of CA after the 10th. But some peoples know about CA course after 12th. So they start learning about CA after 12th. But if you prepare for this after 10th then it will be very beneficial.

You can pass 12th from any stream, but I suggest you pass with only commerce. Because CA is accounting related course and in the 12th commerce you will study accounting and management so commerce student can understand very easily CA course. 😊

Can you do CA after 12th arts or Science?

Yes, you can also become a CA from the 12th arts or science stream.

Which is the better stream for Chartered Accountant?

To become a CA, I will give you the suggestion of commerce. Because the same information is given in commerce which is necessary to become a CA. Commerce subjects will help in CA study

After 12th pass, you can become CA in two way

  1. CA foundation
  2. Direct entry root

Apply For CA foundation course

The CA foundation course was previously called CPT. Now its name has been changed to the CA Foundation course. We can apply for this course even after the 10th.

If you have already thought that you want to become a chartered accountant then apply only after 10th. You can do this course after 12th pass but you can apply after 10th.

When to apply for this exam, all of it’s you can know from the official website.

Professional courses after 12th commerce

Clear Entrance Exam

As soon as you pass 12th, after that you give CA Foundation Course Test, then in this entrance exam will ask questions on⬇️

Accounting, Mercantile Laws, Business Economics, General English, etc.

Register For Intermediate Courses

Intermediate course, which we also call the Integrated Professional Competency Course (IPCC), which you can do after clearing the CA Foundation course exam. This is a very important step to becoming a Chartered Accountant

Apply For Article Ship

The above exams have to be passed to take the CA final exam. After that, you have to complete 3 years of training. Which call article ship. Only then have to apply for the chartered accountant final exam.

And before applying for the final exam, you have to complete the AICITSS (Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft skills).

Chartered Accountant Final Exam

As soon as you clear the IPCC, then you have to apply for 3 years of practical training, also known as article-ship. Keep in mind that you can give the CA final exam 6 months before the completion of 3 years of training. In this, you have to clear the exam at the very Advance Level.

This exam is also divided into two groups. In group 1 and group 2, this exam is very difficult. Because this is the final exam and after that you become a chartered accountant.

How To Become CA from Direct Entry Route

How to become a chartered accountant

Friends, this is also a second way to become a chartered accountant. But to make CA from direct entry rout in this way you should have completed graduation.

You can apply for it by completing graduation with 55% for commerce subject and 60% for other streams. In this way, you get direct admission to the intermediate course.


I have tried to give information about how to become a Chartered accountant CA after 12th in india. But if there is any mistake in the information given by me or the information is incomplete, please tell me. I will be grateful to you and will update you immediately.

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