Best Computer Courses After 12th 2021

Computer Courses After 12th

Computer Courses After 12th : Hello friends, a lot of courses are available to make your best career after the 12th. But in the coming time, we have to choose the perfect course to get a good salary. Such as computer courses. In today’s era, all tasks have become computer-based. Whether it is to buy a ticket or to fill a job form.

High salary computer courses
Computer courses after 12th

The demand for computer employees in various fields for doing computer-based work has also increased. In such a situation, taking a computer course will be much better in the present time and in the coming time. So today I am going to tell you the best computer courses after 12th in this post.

Why Do Computer Courses After 12th

After 12th, a lot of courses are available so that you can get a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree by choosing any course. But in all those courses, there has been a boost in the competition. So to get the job, we need a lot of effort.

Computer courses are technical-based courses. Not everyone has an interest in technical courses. Few students are interested in computer courses. In such a situation, by doing computer courses, we can improve our technical skills. Due to this, there is great ease in getting jobs.

The computer is a very interesting subject. In which students always have the desire to know new. Therefore, students are always interested in increasing technical skills through computers. There is a desire to develop something new.

After computer courses, you can learn coding, computer languages, hardware and networking, ms office, tally, SEO, and more. Through which you can earn a lot of money by becoming a web developer, app maker, and freelancer, without even working in any company.

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Types Of Computer Courses

Whenever you think of doing a computer course, then know that there are two main types of computer courses. long time computer courses and short-time computer courses

Long Term Computer Courses

Most websites have also called long-time computer science courses offline courses. These courses include courses such as bachelor degree computer courses, master degree computer courses, diploma computers. This course is a long-term course. You will have to invest time for a few years in doing such courses. But you can learn better with the help of professors.

Short Term Computer courses

These courses are of very short duration. Popular courses like CCC, Photoshop are taught in an institute for 2 or 3 months. If an institute provides course learning daily, or some institutes ask for weekly attendance.

You can also learn these courses through online videos. In which there is no time limit. When you learn to complete any course, then time to learning is over. There are many websites that provide computer courses via videos.

Long Term Computer Courses After 12th

  • Diploma courses
  • Bachelor Degree courses
  • Master Degree courses
  • PG Diploma courses

Diploma courses

This course can do 12th pass students. If you have a 12th pass certificate then you can do diploma courses in computer science. The duration of these courses is up to 3 years. You can do courses like diploma in computer technology, diploma in computer engineering, diploma in software engineering, diploma in hardware and networking, diploma in computer science and engineering.

Bachelor degree courses

If you want to improve your computer skills and get a Bachelor’s degree to secure your future, then you can do this course. Graduation courses in Bachelor degree courses are 3 years while engineering courses are of 4 years duration.

Bachelor degree courses for computer science such as BCA, Bsc in computer science, BSc in computer engineering, B.Sc in software technology, B.e in computer engineering, b.e in software engineering, B.Tech. Computer and Communication Engineering, B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering courses can be done.

Short Term Computer Courses After 12th

  • Web Designing
  • Digital marketing course
  • VFX and Animation
  • Data Entry Operator Course
  • Hardware and Networking courses
  • Machine Learning Course
  • Ms office
  • App developing
  • Software and Programming Language courses
  • Tally
  • SEO Course
  • Cybersecurity courses
  • Data Analytics Course
  • Web Development Course
  • Data Science Course

Web designing

Web designing is a very good computer course. Through this course, knowledge of how to create web pages, programming languages coding etc is given. After completing this course you can become a web designer.

After completing this course you can get jobs such as…

  • Website Designing Company
  • Web Consultancies
  • Colleges and other Educational Institutes
  • Software Development Company
  • Website Optimization Company
  • Web Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Web Advertising Agencies

Digital marketing course

The marketing system has also changed over time. When internet technology was very less, people used offline marketing for their business. But as Internet technology has grown, the craze in digital marketing has increased.

If you take a digital marketing course then you can make your career the best. In the Digital Marketing course, you are given knowledge of skills like pay per click marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization.

VFX and animation course

If you are interested in field like film making, then vfx and animation course can be very beneficial for you. 3d games and cartoon videos are created by animation.

After doing the animation and vfx course, you can get a job in entertainment comapnies gaming companies. You can also earn very well by doing animation freelancing.

Hardware and Networking courses

The complete design of the computer is done through hardware and software. The software serves to operate the hardware. Hardware and software knowledge is provided in the Hardware and Networking course.

Information like cloud computing, network security is provided in computer networking.

Hardware and networking masters is required in every field where computer is used, such as banks, schools, institutes, airlines, hospitals, railway sector, ensurance company.

Syber security course

Due to the use of the Internet, the necessary data are kept on the computer. But such sensitive data can be hacked and caused major damage. In such a situation, how to keep such data safe and keep safe from getting hacked, all those skills are taught in a cybersecurity course.

Career opportunities in this field are very high. Because every company needs cybersecurity to keep its database safe.

If you want to do research in this field, then you can work as a researcher by going to many universities in the country. Apart from this, you can work in law firms, multinational companies, government departments etc.

SEO course

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is required to bring any website or video to the top results of search engines. If we want any information, first of all, search on Google. And by clicking on a website, we collect information.

Websites providing information such as news websites, tools based websites require an SEO master. You can also do this course through YouTube. And you can provide SEO service by becoming a freelancer.


I also said above computer courses are technical based courses. If you have these courses then you can make your future bright. There are also short term courses. For getting a fast job you can apply short term courses to improve your skill fast.

After getting, experience in the computer can increase your salary. So, friends, I hope you must understood about the best computer courses after 12th.

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