What are the causes of global warming? Why increasing global warming

What are the causes of global warming


Friends, global warming is a big problem on our earth and this problem has been increasing. Today, in this post, I am going to tell about what is global warming and causes of global warming.

Causes of global warming
Causes of global warming

What is the global warming?

The temperature of the earth increases and due to this the weather changes, this action is called global warming. The problem of global warming is a very big problem. But a common man cannot understand this problem. He is stay busy with his work.

Causes of global warming

The biggest causes of global warming is greenhouse gas. Which I will try to expalin by example.

For example, green houses are used in cold expanses. To grow some special types of trees in cold areas, a glass cover is applied to them. Green house gases are filled in that glass cover. This gas exploits the rays of the sun. And this heat keeps the plants warm. In this way, Plants grow

The same action happens with the earth. Because of green house gas, the sun’s hot rays are exploited in the earth. In this way, the heat on the Earth is increasing day by day. And this is the biggest cause of global warming. Greenhouse gas is important for this process.

In the universe, only the Earth planet has been made for living creature. On which all the gas was in its own quantity. For the last few years human behavior has lost the balance of these gases. And this is the reason to become global warming.

Causes of global warming⬇️

  • Green house gases
  • Tree cutting
  • Power generation
  • industrial polution

Geeen house gases

Gases that have the ability to absorb large amounts of thermal infra red radiation are called greenhouse gases (GHG). Including carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4) and tropospheric ozone (O3). These gases act like a blanket, and absorb infra red radiation.

Green house gas is the gas that enters the earth’s atmosphere and becomes a factor in increasing the temperature here. Carbon dioxide gas is important part (gas) of green house. The living organism emits Carbon dioxide. The reason for the increase of carbon dioxide is human activity. The carbon dioxide is growing very rapidly.

Tree cutting

The importance of the trees is very much. The tree provides us oxygen and The trees exploits carbon dioxide. But the trees are being harvested. While the growth of trees is very less.

Destruction of trees can also causes of global warmimg. Therefore, it is our responsibility to save trees.

Power Generation

Today the need of electricity is increasing greatly. We need electricity for every day. Coal is used to produce electricity. Coal is fossil fuel. Which is used in large quantities for power generation. Which produces carbon dioxide.

Due to excessive use of fossil fuels, the density of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by three quarters in the last 20 years. It accounts for the loss of a quarter of the forest worldwide. So this is the one of the most reason from causes of global warming

Industrial Pollution

Poisonous gas is released from large industrial factories. Smoke generated from industries, factories, vehicles etc. is polluting the entire environment. These toxic substances combine in the air and increase the temperature. Those gases contain many harmful elements like greenhouse geses such as carbon dixide, mithen.

Causes of global warming

Last words…

These are the 4 major reasons which are increasing the global warming. Increasing global warming loses environmental balance. Which is disastrous for living creature. We all know that the quantity of heat has increased a lot in the last few years. There is a change in the time of season. The danger of flooding has increased. All this is happening due to global warming.

Therefore, we should put our full contribution against global warming. To save the Earth from global warming, pollution must be reduced. And other people should also be told. I hope😊 you must have liked the post about causes of global warming.

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