Cent Swa Darpan Login to Centeral Bank Of India HRMS

Cent Swa Darpan

Do you know about cent swa darpan? If not, then don’t worry. Today in this article, I will share with you all the details related to cent swa darpan. Did you hear about the Central Bank? The central bank was one of the biggest commercial banks in India, which will start established in 1911. 

Cent Swa Darpan

When we have seen India’s top public sector bank, then the central bank comes to our mind. This is one of the leading government banks in India. Their headquarters are having in Mumbai city, India. All over India, there have 4685 branches and 4886 Atm available. Some of the branches are available in rural areas, and some have available in urban areas.

There has a lot of reason for people love to create bank account on the central bank. Significantly, they always ready to help customers with their transactions. Another reason is they provide safety for every single transaction. 

Whatever methods you are using for the transaction, you don’t have to worry about any scam. They will deliver your money 100% safely. So, Let’s talk about cent swa darpan. 

What is cent swa darpan?

Cent swa darpan is an online portal that the central Bank of India will create. This portal was available on both website and application medium. If you are an employee of India’s Central Bank, you can illegible to using this app. 

Right now, this application is not illegible for customers. This portal is specially designed for Staff to use the HRMS system at their fingertips.

After launched this portal, the bank has enhanced the productivity and work environment. Although, the portal has benefited all the employees for sure. The application is fully automated, and they help all the employees to do their tasks and function simply. There is no doubt about how good it was.

The reason behind creating this portal is to become more adapted in the office staff and pensioner. After designed the portal based on human resource management solution (HRMS), it will very easy for people to manage the human resources.

After using this application, It boosts the confidence of the employees. This is very helpful to people for sure. Also, Both New and old bank employees are eligible for using this application.

Login to the Central Bank of India’s Cent Swa Darpan:

For Using this portal, you need to SignIn for this platform. At First, Visit Official website. After visiting this link, you get the home page of the portal. Now you have seen a registration form, simply put your User ID and Password and click Submit Button. Now you can able to log in successfully.

Cent Swa Darpan

The portal is also available for android users. If you are an android user, you need to visit the Google play store and search “Cent Swa-Darpan.” Now your portal is ready to install. 

The login process of application access to the portal is as same as the website. By using this application, employees can access various HRMS services like: 

1. My Service Record

2. Leave Passbook

3. Job Information Summary

4. My LTC Block Details

5. Payslip

6. My PF Summary

7. Holiday Home Booking

8. Tax Estimation

9. Add Leave Request

10. Leave Request Approval

11. Etc.

At present, the Central Bank of India automates ten different types of the process, but they can say there are 30 automated processes available in the future.

For getting good results for the company, all the employees need to use this application in the best way. So don’t be waiting? Jump into the official portal of cent swa darpan and Login right now.

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How to change cent swa darpan portal PIN?

If you want to change your cent swa tarpon portal PIN, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: At first, Visit the HRMS cent swa tarpon portal and then click the Reset M-PIN Link.

Step 2: Next, You have seen a reset form. Just Enter your Existing M-PIN number, PF number and then enter your new M-PIN and Confirm M-PIN. Now Click the reset button. 

Step 3: Congratulations!! Your M-PIN has been successfully reset.

How to Forgot Central Bank cent swa darpan portal M-PIN?

To Forgot your CBI HRMS portal M-PIN, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Click the connection in the CBI HRMS Portal mobile app. M-PIN was forgotten.

Step 2: Enter your PF number, mobile number, and PAN number, then press the Forgot M-PIN button.

Step 3: Click the Submit button after entering the OTP that was sent to your phone.

Step 4: Create a new M-PIN and confirm it on the next computer.

Step 5: Your M-PIN has been successfully developed.


That’s it for today. I hope you get all the information about cent swa darpan. You’ve learned about the Cent Swa Darpan Central Bank of India HRMS Login Portal, including its features, how to log in, and how to reset your password. I hope you’ve picked up on everything I’ve said so far.

One of India’s most well-known banks is the Central Bank of India. It aims to offer loyalty to both consumers and employees. The Cent Swa-Darpan program aids in the management of human resources. It undoubtedly benefits current and former CBI workers.

If you have any questions about this article, please post them in the comments section below. I will do my best to react.

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