Professional Courses After 12th Commerce Stream

Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

Professional Courses After 12th Commerce : After 12th commerce, you need to know about professional courses to make a bright future. Commerce is the best stream after 10th. There are many high-salary courses to do for every commerce student.

Courses after 12th commerce stream

Everyone wants to make their best career. So this post will be very helpful for commerce students.

To make our career better in the coming competition, we should join the courses with much thought. Such as what are the best courses in the commerce stream, which can give you only a good salary job in the coming time.

Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

  • CA- Chartered Accountant
  • BHM- Bachelor of hotel management
  • BJMC – Bachelor of journalism and mass communication
  • BFA – Bachelor of finance and accounting
  • BCA – Bachelor of computer application
  • BBA – Bachelor of business administration
  • B.Com – Bachelor of commerce
  • BMS – Bachelor of management science
  • CMA – Certified management accountant
  • BE – Bachelor of economics
  • BSW – Bachelor of social work
  • BFD – Bachelor of fashion designing
  • BID – Bachelor of interior design

CA – Chartered Accountant

This is a professional degree or job. In this digital time, you know how difficult it is to become a CA? But I am the first to suggest this course to you. Because after doing this course, your career options increase.

The full form of CA is a Chartered Accountant. In the CA course, you are taught related accounting. You can do the CA course after 12th commerce. In the CA course, students are learning about tax, financial advice, business account, etc. After completing this course, you can get a job in any company. And can set your career with a good salary.

Friends, chartered accountant exams are tough. Therefore the student of commerce can pass it along to the advanced preparation. Students of Arts and Science can also apply for the CA exam but they have to join a related accounting course (CA course) separately.

BHM – Bachelor Of Hotel Management

The full form of BHM is the bachelor of hotel management. Meaning that this course is related to Hotel Management. After the hotel management course, you can make your career bright. Because there will be a high demand for hotel management in the present time and also in the future.

You can do hotel management after 12th commerce. The duration of this course is 3 years. After doing this course successfully, you can get a job like a hotel manager. And you can set up your career well.

BJMC – Bachelor Of Journalism And Mass Communication

The full form of BJMS is Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication. If you want to make a career in the media sector, after 12th commerce you can make your future bright in the media sector by doing BJMS course. The duration of this course is 3 years. The career scope in the media sector is very high. This degree is also of great importance to you as well as experience.

To get complete success in this course, it is very important to have writing skills, communication skills, and general knowledge. After completing the BJMS course, the student can collect data and successfully place it in front of the audience. After the BJMS course, you can make a career by working on the news channels. Or you can create your own trusted news channel on a platform like YouTube.

BFA – Bachelor Of Finance And Accounting

The Bachelor of finance and accounting course is a 3-year undergraduate course. Which you can do after 12th commerce. In BFA, students are taught related subjects of finance and accounting.

After doing this course, you can do jobs like Financial Consultant, Accounting Analyst, Marketing Manager, Billing Data Analyst, Accounts Assistant, Finance Analyst.

BCA – Bachelor Of Computer Application

BCA Bachelor of computer application is an undergraduate course for 3 years. After the 12th, you can do BCA Course. It teaches courses related to computer science and computer applications. In this, the student learns about things related to the computer field. BCA Course can also be done from any government college or private college.

Friends, this course is very profitable in digital time and the future. In this course, skills like computer information, programming languages, software development, web designing, and networking are taught. Which is based on a computer.

After completing this course, you can apply for a job like a multimedia company, computer operator. Or you can do your own business like app development or software development. If you do not want to work after BCA, you can also do Master and Computer Application after BCA.

BBA – Bachelor Of Business Administration

You can do a Bachelor of business administration (BBA) course after 12th pass commerce. This course is for 3 years. Which is divided into 6 semesters. BBA conducts business-related exercises. If you are also interested in business, accounting, management, or if you want to do your own business, then this course can be very helpful.

If you want to do a master’s degree after BBA, then you can do an MBA (Master of business administration) after BBA

B.Com – Bachelor Of Commerce

After 12th commerce, you can do the course of Bachelor of Commerce. BCom is a 3-year undergraduate course, which you can do with any valid college and university. After doing this course, you become a graduate.

During the B.Com students are taught the related subjects of accounting. After BCom, you can get an accounting-related job, teacher job or other competition jobs like Army, IAS, etc

BMS – Bachelor Of Management Science

If you want to make a career in the management field then you can do a BMS bachelor of management science course. You can do this course after 12th commerce. The duration of BMS is 3 years.

Along with the Bachelor’s degree in the BMS course, you also get very good knowledge and skills in the field of management. After BMS, you can apply for a job in any company. Now you can also take the support of a website like and other websites for jobs.

CMA – Certified Management Accountant

Professional courses after 12th commerce

Friends, the full form of CMA is a Certified management accountant. This is one of the best management courses. If you want to do a globally management related job abroad, then the CMA course is very profitable. This is a management course, so after 12th commerce, learning of CMA course will be very easy.

After obtaining the CMA certificate, you can get a job in a finance company like Financial Manager, Financial Analyst, Financial Risk Manager, Financial Controller, Cost Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Cost Manager, Relationship Manager.

BE – Bachelor Of Economics

The Bachelor of Economics course is a very good course of career opportunities for students. For a successful career, a candidate has to choose the right job and field. Those who graduate can also join for a master’s degree in economics. They can also do a job in a research centre like geo-strategic, socio-economic, international relations, etc.

BSW – Bachelor Of Social Work

The full form of BSW is a Bachelor of social work. Social work means working for society, whether you organize an event for any awareness, whether you do anything for the freedom of a single person. The only difference is that after doing this course, you can give better chances to your social career in association with any institution, instead of which you will get a good income in this field.

After doing this course, you can work in any NGO or you can work in any ministry anywhere. This is a universal program that can get you into any field. After this course, you can do jobs in disaster management, development in the field of school education, child development, development in the field of medicine.

BFD – Bachelor Of Fashion Designing

BFD is a bachelor of fashion designing course undergraduate course. This course is a related course on fashion design. Which can help you to make a career in fashion design. This course is for 3 years. Which you can also do after 12th commerce.

After doing this course, you can get jobs like costume designer, fashion stylist, production manager, trend forecaster, fashion coordinator, quality control manager. This course can prove to be very profitable in the present time and for the time to come.

BID – Bachelor Of Interior Design

Bachelor of interior design course is 3 to 5 years. Which you can do even after 12th commerce. During this course lighting. Taught about furniture, building, construction.

After doing this course, you can make a career in jobs like an interior designer, salesperson, space planner, an interior decorator.


After 12th commerce has a lot of career prospects. Which I have told through this course. Friends, after 12th commerce all courses are related to accounting. Therefore, pay full attention during the study of commerce. Commerce students should join related courses in commerce. This will enable him to improve his skills quickly.

So friends, Professional courses after the 12th commerce article would have been very useful to you. Do share this information with your friends too.


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