Best career courses after 12th science, commerce and arts


Best courses after 12th

Today, I am going to share information about courses coming after 12th. Which is the best course that can change our life after 12th?

Courses after 12th
Courses after 12th

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Courses after 12th science

Those who come after 12th science are I talking about the best career courses coming after 12th. Which is the best course after science stream? Like nanotechnology course, space science, robotics science, dairy science, and Astrophysics.

  • Nanotechnology course
  • Space science course
  • Robotic science
  • Estro physics course
  • Dairy science course

Nanotechnology course

Nanotechnology gives knowledge of ultra micro-objects. Which we call molecules and atoms

To do this course, it is important to have a graduate in science with 50%. You can do this course after graduating. After that, you get B.Tech in nanotechnology.
M.Tech in nanotechnology,
PG in nanotechnology.
you can course of nanotechnology with these courses

Space science course

After 12th you can study for space science. For studying space science, it is necessary to have 12th pass or graduate with mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

There are many Universities across the country which offer Graduate and Postgraduate courses in Space Science. Students who have passed MSc, BSc, Ph.D., ME and Diploma, they can get admission in ISRO also.

Robotic science

Robotics is a long-term research-oriented course. To create a career in the field of robotics, there must be a good knowledge or degree of electrical, mechanical and computer science.

You can also do certain specialization courses related to this area, such as the Artificial Intelligence, Robotics System. Courses like this are offered by many engineering colleges. Mechanical, Instrumentation Electrical, Students graduated from Computer Science is also better for this course.

Estro physics course

Astro Physics may be the best field for those people, who have a special interest in stars and galaxies. There are many courses available in this field since the 12th Science. It offers 3 years, 4 years and 5-year degree courses. After doing a doctorate in this field, it can get a job to research organizations like NASA and ISRO.

Dairy science course

After 12th, this course is for four years. In this special engineering course, modern dairy machinery, modernization, automatic dairy equipment is practiced. Which is very important in the present time.

Course after 12th commerce

There are very courses after 12th commerce stream like..

  • C.A course
  • BCA course
  • BBA course

CA Charted accountant

You can apply for the CA CPT Entrance Exam after you pass 10th but you have to give the exam after 12th pass. Students of the stream of Arts Commerce Science can give this exam.

You do not need any kind of permit for CA Entrepreneurship Examination. You must be 12th pass for CPT entrance exam.

BCA course

BCA is a professional degree course. Whose full form is Bachelor of Computer Application Which is an undergraduate degree course This course is of full 3 years, this course can be done after you pass 12th. In this, you are taught about computer applications and computer science.

BBA course

The BBA course should have passed the HSC examination. You can do this course from any stream. Must be at least 45% marks in 12th standard.

In the BBA course, students develop managerial skills and give them knowledge about different business functions. Its advanced level course is MBA. So go ahead and do the best career option for those who do an MBA.

Courses after 12th arts

We can make our best career also. Very courses in arts stream also. Like…

  • BFA
  • journalism and mass communication.
  • Hotem management


Bachelor of Fine Arts is a full form of BFA.

This course is useful for those who are interested in visual or performing arts. The Bachelor of Fine Arts course is of 3 to 4 years. Some universities have semester systems in which there are two semesters each year

For entering the BFA degree course student must have 12th pass. Students must have a fine art subject (like drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking) with 50% or more marks.

Some universities also conduct entrance exams for admission in BFA.

Journalism and mass communication

You can also take a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication course. To make a career in mass communication, it is important to have 12th pass. After the 12th, if you want you can do a diploma certificate or degree course.

After Graduation, You can do courses like PG Diploma in Mass Communication, Diploma in Public Relations.

Hotel management

If you want to do any course in hotel management, you can take admission after the 12th.

Graduation Degree, Post Graduate Degree, and Diploma Courses are available in the field of Hotel Management.

Successfully running hotel, called Hotel Management. Today, hotel management is not confined to just one hotel, but its importance continues to grow.

Now the hotel industry includes resorts, airlines, cruises, clubs, cafes, etc. If you do any degree or diploma in hotel management, then you have the best career prospects in this field.

Last words….

So, friends, I gave all the information about best courses after 12th. Then you like my article do not forget to share with your friends.


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