Format Of Article Writing

Format Of Article Writing: CBSE 9 to 12 standard exam has 10 marks for article writing. The article should always be written in a good format to achieve 10 marks of article writing. Therefore, it is necessary to know what is the format of article writing. Today I am going to tell you the format of article writing with some examples. Which will give you good help to get marks in your exam.

Format of article writing
Format of article writing

In order to write an article, You have to pay attention to some important things. Based on that you can write a very good article. But first, You understand what is the article? And why it is important to write in the proper format?

Writing on any topic with details is called an article. In which the title, author’s name, body content (causes, advantage disadvantage, conclusion) are also written with more information. In the exam, the article is given on any topic.

Similar articles are written in blogs, magazines, newspapers. Which we see and read many times. Article writers write articles in full format and make their career better. because good and experienced article writers get more salary.

Based on the topic given in the exam, you have to write the article in a good format. Who student write an article in good format and detail then he will get good marks in the exam. The format is very important in article writing.

Now your mind must have lighted what is the article. If you understand anything well, then the way of doing it comes to more than half. In the same way, what is an article, how to write it after understanding it, it also comes easily ideas.

Marks are based on article format in the exam. I am going to explain Which way gives marks teacher in the exam of article writing? In this marking system you can understand how you can achieve full marks.

Marking system of format of article writing

Marks of article writingMarks
Title / Author’s name1 marks
Body contents4 marks
-Grammatical accuracy, spellings.
-relevancy and significance of ideas and style.
5 marks
Total marks10 marks
Format of article writing

In the exam you get 1 mark by writing heading with author name. For example, if the question to write an article on water conservation, then you can write an attractive title like how important water conservation for human life. Keep in mind that the article should not be too big or small. Keep the title of the given topic related only.

There are 4 marks of the body content. Content can be written of 2 or 3 paragraphs. It may include causes, effects, Advantage or disadvantages. Which you achieve 4 marks.

You achieve 5 marks of written article writing style and proper grammar. In which 2.5 marks are of grammar and 2.5 marks are of article writing style.

In this way, there are 10 marks of article writing. You can get full marks by writing articles in the exam in a proper format. Therefore, it is very important to understand the format of article writing. I will explain to you the format of article writing and some examples of it so that you will understand well.

Format of article writing with examples

So, friends, I tell you the best format of article writing. You can write an article following this format.

Format of article writing
Attractive Title
Writer name (Author name)
Body of the article

Paragraph 1
– Short description (4 to 5 lines)
– Types
-Good and bad points

Paragraph 2
-Related information

Paragraph 3
Format of article writing

Heading (Title) of article

Whenever you are writing an article, keep its title very attractive. Because keeping the title is a skill. Seeing the title of the article, the viewer starts reading immediately.

Titles have to be placed on the basis of any topic given in the exam. Never keep a different title from Topic. And do not write the title too big or too small. If the title is given in the question, then write the same title. Such as the effect of global warming on human life.

Writer name (author name)

It is necessary to write the author’s name after the title. If the author’s name is not in question, then you can write it yourself. Author’s name written after the title will be very helpful in getting 1 mark.

Body Content

After the title, the author, we have to write the content in the article. Which is called the body of content. Body of content we write based on the given topic like water pollution. In the content of water pollution, you can write a short description, types of water pollution, causes, damage, related information. And the last is to write a Conclusion. In which you can write 2 or 4 lines on how to stop water pollution.

Other than this, if there is another topic, such as Invitation of Plastic. So, you can write Advantage of disadvantage etc.

Short description

Here you have to write important information about your article in short. As if you are writing on pollution, you can write the definition of pollution. You can write this short description in 4 lines.


In the following paragraph after the short description, you have to type. If types are included in your article subject, then you can write. As if you are writing about pollution, there are different types of pollution. You can tell about such types as Air pollution, Water pollution, Earth pollution etc.


You can write the reasons here. As if you are writing an article on the disease, you can write the reasons for the disease. For example, mosquito bite causes disease. Drinking dirty water causes illness, so we can write in the article.

Advantage Disadvantage

You can also write good and bad points in the article. As you are writing on technology, you can write advantages and disadvantages on it.

Related information

If you have any related information on the article topic then you can also write that.


In this paragraph, you can write the implications of your topic. Like what is his future. As you are writing on a robot, you can write here the results of future robots.


Here you have to finish your article. And some suggestions are also to be given. Apart from this, you can also reduce its losses and benefits by writing in short. It is very important to write conclusion.

Friends, with the help of so many topics and paragraphs, can write a very good article. Let me explain by giving an example of an article so that you can understand very quickly.

Format of article writing

Example of article writing with the format

Example 1

Question: You are Mukesh Prajapati, Write an article on Swatch Bharat Abhiyan.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Mukesh Prajapati

Swatch Bharat Abhiyan mission is started by India PM Shree Narednrabhai Modi. This campaign has been started with the aim of making the country clean. This mission started on 2nd October 2014.

This mission has given a lot of help in cleaning our country India. To make a pure and disease-free country, it is necessary to be clean. Toilets have been provided at home by the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Improvement has increased such as toilets in rural areas and villages. Due to which the chances of spreading the disease will be very less.

Citizens of the country should also be supported in Swach Bharat Abhiyan. And as much as possible, awareness of this mission should be spread among the people. Because of which the country can be clean. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a very important mission in making the country clean.

Example 2

Question: You are Haresh Seth, Write an article on Invitesion of plastic.

Advantage and disadvantage of plastic invitation

Haresh Seth

The first plastic research was done by Leo Hendrik Baekeland. Being lightweight and durable in weight, items are made by plastic to make simplify life. Such as kitchen items. But plastic has Advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic Advantage: Items made from plastic is light in weight. Therefore, you can easily move from place to another place. Plastic is cheaper in cost. Items made of plastic are strong and have less chance of breaking quickly. New products can be made by recycling of plastic.

Plastic Disadvantage: Plastic does not decompose quickly so pollution increases. Burning plastic increases air pollution. The polythene bag spreads the disease in the animal’s stomach. Plastic does not decompose quickly, pollution is spread in rivers and other reservoirs.

Plastic invitations have both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore we should not use unnecessary plastic items. We can use paper bags or cloth bags instead of polythene bags.

Some tips for article writing

  • The title is important in article writing. Keep in mind that the title should not be too big and small. The title should always be based on the topic of the question.
  • Write an article with your own words. If you write in more hard words, then the teacher can copy it, due to which the possibility can increase of not getting marks.
  • The author name is required under the title. Write the author name in center under the title. You should not write it in another place.
  • Do not repeat and repeat same idea you written once time
  • Do not issue in the grammar. Creat mistake in grammar as low as possible. Grammar and spelling mistakes can be caused by writing too fast.
  • Must underline the important points below. So that the teacher gets attention on its. And you can achieve all the marks


I think, from 9 standard to 12 standard, students need article writing. You can get 10 marks by writing just one article writing. So do not leave this question blanc. I explained the format of article writing as your complete help.

Carefully read tips of format of article writing. and share this information with your friends too.

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