Format of diary writing And its benefits

Format of article writing

Diary writing is like a true friend. You can express the good and bad experiences of the day by writing diary writing. If you also want to write a diary, it is necessary to understand the format of diary writing for getting good marks in the exam. then today I am going to explain how to write a diary and format of diary writing.

Format of diary writing
Format of diary writing

Even great scholars used to write diary daily. Like we read Gandhi’s autobiography many times. With diary writing, you can read back your past. If you do not have the courage to say anything about your grief or heart, then you can write your grief through diary writing.

Diary has to be written daily. In which you can write experiences, good deeds or bad deeds done during the whole day.

Format of article writing


………………………………. ………………………………….. ………………………………
(Write here your all-day activity)
………………………………… …………………………………….. ……………………..

Signature line
(Your name)


Diary has to be written every day. Therefore, write the date top of the diary page every day. If you have a diary book, then a date box is given in it, but you can start writing the diary by writing a current date.


By the way, the diary is written in due time. The fixed time of a diary is to write it before going to sleep at night. So you can write the time before bed when you don’t start writing a diary. So that if someone reads your diary in the future, then they can understand that the what was the time of diary writing.


The diary is like a friend of a diary writer. In which you write your whole heart’s words without any hesitation. Therefore, for the diary, you can write a salutation such as dear diary. And you can start your dairy writing.

Dairy main contents

In the main content, you have to write the activity of the whole day. Today was the first day of college. And the entire experience in college has to be written here. Good and bad experiences made from morning to evening have to be written. If you have learned today something good or someone has said something that has changed you differently, then please write in detail.

Signature line

This is the most important. After writing the diary it is necessary to create a sign. After writing the complete diary, you can signature below by writing your name.

Examples of diary writing formats

Example 1

23 April 2020
Time: 10:00 PM

Dear Diary

Today was my first day of college. So I had to get up early in the morning. Mummy picked up me early in the morning. Today I was very excited to go to college. Brushed and took a quick bath. As usual, even today, I prayed to God.

College time was 9:30. And it was only 8 o’clock. I was getting very rush. Like at 9 o’clock I cleaned my bike and reached college. College was new to me. I did not know the rules here. And all the students here were new to me.

The college principal made everyone sit in the hall, and informed us about the college and the rules of the college. And sent to our classroom. All the companions sitting nearby were new. Gradually, the students sitting nearby got acquainted. professors also gave their introduction

Finally, college time ended. I came home by bike. I told all information about the college to my mummy papa

Hariram Pandey

Example 2

Date: 22 April 2020
TIme: 9:30 PM

Today I Could not get up early in the morning. Because I studied till late last night. Today is Sunday I have a college holiday. After brushing I have tea. Dad was also at home today they also have holiday. While sitting, Dad made a plan that let’s go for a walk today.

Quickly we all got ready. And we standing at the bus stand. The bus arrived after a while. And the bus was going towards our nearest city. City arrived after a while. It was summer so dad first fed us ice-cream. After that, we watched the film. And buy the necessary things and come home. I also bought two books for me so that I can read.

Sunday ended with fun. Enjoyed walking a lot today. got tired due to wandering, so quickly went to sleep writing a diary.

Shrenik patel

Format of diary writing tips

  • Always write the diary before going to sleep. So that you can write and remember the activity done during the whole day.
  • Please write the date and time in diary writing.
  • Always write the diary in a clear and pure language.
  • Write the day’s experience by doing of yours.
  • After writing the entire activity of the day, write your signs.
  • Always keep the diary in the correct place.
  • Wrote the diary itself. Do not get it written by anyone.

Benefits of daily diary writing

  • By writing a daily diary, you can keep your day’s activity in mind.
  • Writing daily boosts your writing skills
  • Through diary writing, you can write and share your experiences. Which can relieve stress
  • If you do something wrong during the day, you can remember during diary writing and correct your mistake.


Diary writing is a very good habit. Big celebrities have also written diaries in their life. Friends, I hope that you have understood the format of diary writing very well through this article.


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