Format Of Email Writing With Examples And Email Writing Tips

Format Of Email Writing

Format of email writing: Email writing has become very important in today’s digital time. Because you can send your message to any place in very less time. So today I am going to explain to you the format of email writing in this post.

Format of email writing

Like a letter, you can create two types of email writing. Formal Letter and Informal Letter. Formal letters include company emailing, government email, etc. The informal letter consists of emails to relatives such as father, mother, sister, and friends.

What Is Format of Email Writing?

Email means electronic mail. Through the internet, we can deliver information within a few minutes. Suppose your plainness is suddenly fixed. If you want to invite friends quickly, then you can invite all your friends by sending an email.

Information can be passed to another mail id via email id. [email protected] This is an email id.

Format Of Email Writing

From: Sender’s email address
To: Reciever’s email address
BCC: Blind carbon co[y
Subject: Put here your subject
Salutation: Put here your own word such as dear
Main Content: Body of content subject related
Closing: Ending statement
Join Attachment: Attach file such as PDF, Image
Signature: Senders name, sign, etc


Emails are sent via email id. Here you have to enter your email address. In the email, it has to fill the sender’s email.


Here you have to enter the email address of the receiver. If you want to email a company, then you have to fill the email address of the company.


CC is used when you want to send the same email to 2 or more email addresses. Meaning you can use CC to send the same message to more than one receiver.


The email address entered in the ‘BCC’ cannot see the receiver email address to ‘To’ and ‘CC’ email receiver. But BCC can see the email address of email receiver to and CC. If you want to send the same email to a third receiver but want to keep it secret from to or CC receiver, then put the email id of the third email receiver in BCC.


Why are you writing an email, you have to write its subject. So that the receiver first understands why you sent the email.


in an informal letter, the salutation is used more. If you writing an email to your sister then you can write salutation like a dear sister

Main content

In the main content, you have to write a detailed subject. Introduction, matter, and conclusion are included in the main content.

Attach file

Here you can attach pdf file, image, or other documents. For example, if you have downloaded the PDF file of a course, you can attach it in the email and send it to your friend.

Signature line

At the last, it is necessary to write the signature line. Like your faithfully and you can write your name. You can understand from the example of email writing given below.

Examples of email writing

Example 1: Informal

From : [email protected]
To : [email protected]

CC/BCC (If you need then fill line of CC and BCC)

Subject: Party invitaion

Dear Rakesh

I think you will remember my birthday. So I am very happy to tell you that the date of July 10 is a birthday party in the Star Hall. The time of which is from 10 to 12 at night.

You definitely have to come to this birthday party.


Example 2: Formal

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]


Subject: Request for sewer repairing

Dear Sir

Gokuldham Society’s main sewer is broken. Due to which the dirty water of the drain has come on the road. More dirty is spreading. Therefore, I request you to please get this drain repaired.

I hope you get this repairing done as soon as possible.


Tips to the format of article writing

  • Always send the email to the correct email address. So double-check the address of the receiver. If you fill in the wrong email address then the qualified receiver will not receive the email.
  • Always write the email in an eligible format. The main content should always be related to your subject. For example, if you have to send an invitation, write the details of the invitation and the program details.
  • Must write a Salutation during email writing. This will cause a good effect on the email format.
  • Also, pay attention to the grammar of emails written in English. And increasing email in easy words. So that the reader is easy to understand.
  • After writing an email, write your signature line. In which you can write your name.


If the question of email writing comes in the exam then you can get good marks by writing an email in a good format. Friends, I hope you have understood the format of email writing. I have also included some important tips. That you can read.

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