Format of resume for freshers with full information

Fomat of resume for freshers


Format of resume for freshers

Hello Friends, life everyone has to work to earn money. Freshers face the most problem for jobs. They commit mistakes when they go for a first-time job. In this way, they have a big problem in getting jobs. Therefore freshers need resume format. So today I am going give information about format of resume for freshers.

Format of resume for freshers
Format of resume for freshers

The most important resume for job. Because from resume, the company knows what degree or skills the fresher has. If the company gets what they want in resume, then they definitely call the fresher for an interview.

But the resume format is not right, they do not call them for interview. That is why we have to pay maximum attention to resume formating.

So let’s know what is the formats of resume are and how to write a resume, read this post for its complete information.

Format of resume

Important topics in format of resumes for freshers ⬇️

  • Personal details
  • Career objective
  • Qualification
  • Aditional courses or diploma
  • Exeperiance
  • Hobbies and skills
  • Reference

📰Personal details

When creating a Resume, we have to give personal detail. The freshers do not know what comes in the personal details, then let me tell you that the name, email id, contact number, address, date of birth are included.

In the resume personal details, we do not have to write more things. Therefore, always write personal detail in short required things.

📰Career objective

It is necessary to write a career objection in Resume. Because it is important to tell what experience you have and what you want to do. Because the company can easily give you a job post based on your experience and what you want to do.

Always keep the career objective similar to the application.


This is an important topic in a resume. In qualification you have to tell what degree you have achieved and which courses you have done. Here, you also have to tell which institute was in which year to get a degree. And how old was the course.

Apart from this, if you have taken any award, you can also write.

📰Aditional courses or diploma

In this detail you have to write extra courses. For example, if you have done advance diploma, you can write. Apart from this, if you have taken training in any field, you can also write.


It is important to explain your experience to any company. If you have done a part-time job or have some experience, then you can explain

📰Hobbies and skills

Here you have to write about your hobby. Apart from this, you must also tell about your skills. So that the company knows which skills you have, so it will be easier to ask questions in the interview.


If someone has referred you for a job, then you can write in the resume. This will increase your credit. Because reference gives you more help for jobs.

Exa: Format of freshers resume

Mukesh Prajapati
Address______(put your address here)
Mobile: +91 1234567890
E-mail [email protected]
Career objection
To build a creer in a growing organization, where i get the opprtunities to prove my ability by accepting chalanges. Fulfiling goal and climb the career ladder throw continuous lerning and commitment

👉B.Sc from XYZ university(or college) in 2019 (CGPA 7.85/10)
👉10+2 from ABC Institute in 2015 with 88%
👉10th |from ABC Institute in 2013 with 86%

Other educations
👉 Basic knowledge of in computer languages
👉 Diploma in nursing from XYZ university

👉Accepting challenges
👉Fast typing

👉Teaching job as a teacher 1 year in XYZ school

Father’s Name: _______
Date of Birth: XXXX
Sex: Female/male
Nationality: Indian
Hobby: Playing outdoor games
Languages Known: English, Gujarati and Hindi

Extra tips

You can also keep your photo in Resume. If you are fresher and want to work immediately after studying, then do not write experience. Convert your resume in PDF after making its format complete.

Format of resume for freshers

Why need resume for job

In any comapny, it is necessary to mention the first resume for the job. Through the resume, the company can understand what you have. What is the degree? Fresher or Experienced? All this things company can understand from resume.

After seeing the resume, the company decides whether you are qualified to do the job in that company or not? That is a reason it is very important to have a resume format to get a job.


So, freshers, you must have understood how to prepare a resume format. Formatting the format is easy. Which you can create in your laptop or mobile and convert it to pdf. Also, share this informative post about format of resume for freshers with your friends.


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