Full form of India | How India got its name

FULL FORM OF INDIA IS Independent national democratic intelligent area


Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the full form of India, what is the full form of India? So read this post for complete information for India. Along with the full form of Indian, you will also know how India name was found.

Full form of india
Full form of india

What is the full form of INDIA

Full form of INDIA is Independent National Democratic Intelligent Area

Friends, this is the full name of India. Different meanings are hidden in this sentence. What we need to know

Independent :-We understand the meaning of this word. It is used for an independent country or region. Country India has been a slave of the British for many years. India has got independence after many years. That is why people took the meaning of I independent.

National: India is the Nation so people took N means National

Democratic : Democratic means that people choose their leader themselves. Who has to be made the leader, who has to be made the prime minister, all the people of the country choose. And india is democratic country.

Intelligent: This word means that intelligent people live in India.

Area: This means expansion. India is a definite area. That is why people have taken the meaning of A is Area

Apart of this full form there are some also full forms of India. Like….

Innocent Native Dwellers of Indus river Area

Independent Nation Declared In August

Incredible Nation Dazzling Inexplicably Awesome

How India got its name

Friends, a river passes through India. Whose name is idus river. In Sanskrit it is called Sindhu Nadi. First Pakistan and India were not different. Both were same.

Then the Indus river used to be a very famous river. People living around the indus river were called indoi. Gradually this name became INDIA

Apart from India, there are many names of India which were before India name. for example

Aryavarta – The country in which the Arya casts lives. People of this caste are fearless and beautiful.

Bharat– Very years ago first became king in India Him name is Bharat. Bharat was named by his name.

Hindustan – a country of people of Hindu religion.


So friends, you must have liked the about india full form (Independent national democratic intelligent area) . So do share this article with your friends too.

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