Full form of NABARD and other details of NABARD bank

What is nabard and nabard full form


Full Form of NABARD

Full form of nabard
Full form of nabard

The full form of NABARD is National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Devlopment.

Nabard is a bank based in India.

What is nabard

National bank for agriculture and rural devlopment bank has been created for the purpose of development of the country’s agriculture department. This bank has been given recognition for loans for agriculture and economic activities of rural extension of India.

Because India is an agricultural country. Therefore, it is mandatory to pay attention to the activities of the agriculture department and rural areas. Which is possible due to nabard bank.

When I visite NABARD’s official website. I watch awesome video. Please watch it

Friends, Nabard bank has its head office in Mumbai. Nabard bank was established on 12 July 1982.

National bank for agriculture and rural devlopment bank is a bank that provides loans to improve the economic condition of rural expansion. Because rural expansion depends on farming. Due to natural disaster, there is a possibility of damage to agriculture at times.

That is why the people of rural extension do not have to face economic poverty, so this bank arranges loan for rural extension people. Apart from this, nabard bank has received orders for make prosperity in rural expansion.

Nabard bank also has a total of 28 offices and a sub-office. Which is located in all the states and union territories of the india country.

The role of this bank is more in agricultural areas of India. Apart from agriculture, this bank also has the mandate of cottage industries, and development of rural industries, and loan assistant for those industries.

Works of Nabard bank

Nabard bank established the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund, through the assistance of a Swiss agency. Under this scheme, for 2,44,651 projects, Rs. 512830000000 has been sanctioned which includes irrigation, construction of rural roads and bridges, health and education, soil conservation, water projects etc.

In this way, the nabard bank has support for the development of rural areas of the country.


Friends, I have tried to give complete information of what is full form of NABARD and namard. I hope you find this post very helpful. NAMARD is working for the development of agricultural development and rural industries of our country.

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