UNICEF full form | What is unicef and other information

Full form of UNICEF and its other informations.


Full form of UNICEF

Full form of unicef
Full form of unicef

Friends, if you want to know UNICEF full form? And what is unicef? So Today I am going to give its complete information of UNICEF in this post.

The full form of Unicef is United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund

Unicef ​​is an international institution. This organization works for the development of children. It is the only institution of the United Nations. UNICEF’s headquarters is located in New york America. And now the head of this institution is Ann Veneman.

After Second World War, unicef ​​was established for the health of children. But gradually this institution has started working for the children of the entire world.

UNICEF was established on 11 December 1946. The motive for establishing UNICEF was to work for the health, nutrition, education and welfare of children present all over the world.

UNICEF started working in India in the year 1949. UNICEF does not discriminate on the basis of any kind of religion, caste, nationality, political ideology etc. while working for the welfare of children present all over the world. Currently, the workers of the UNICEF organization are working hard for the welfare of children in more than 190 countries around the world.


So friends, I hope you have liked the complete information of unicef. If you have more information then do share with us.

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