How to become a Blogger 5 Best ways you should be know

How to become a blogger

Everyone has some goals in their life. If someone wants to become a Pilot, someone wants to become a CA. But these jobs are offline. Today I am going to give information about what is a blogger and how to become a blogger

How to become a blogger

Just as you create videos on youtube, and upload them, such video contenter is called YouTuber, like publishing a blog on blog website by writing articles and publishing different types of information to people, they are called bloggers. This is online work, you can easily fulfill all your dreams by becoming a blogger.

A successful blogger can also earn like CA, IAS monthly. If you also want to know about this online work, then read this post completely.

Apply 5 way to become a blogger

Blogging is not hard work, if you understand what is blogging and what work to do in the blogging field, then you will understand what this blog is and what work has to be done in blogging.

  • 1️⃣To become a blogger we need to have the most essential writing skills. Because the person who writes the blog is called a blogger. If you cannot write articles, then you cannot become a blogger.
  • 2️⃣Therefore, to become a blogger, first improve the skill of writing an article. If you do not know how to write articles, then you can also take help from someone to learn.
  • 3️⃣To improve the skill of blog writing, visit more and more blog websites on the Internet. And see how he writes a blog. Because you can become a blogger only if you have the skill to write a good article.
  • 4️⃣You can also use YouTube to learn to blog. Or can also buy a course related to blogging. In which how to do blogging is fully taught. In this way, to become a blogger first you have to learn how to do blogging?
  • 5️⃣To become a blogger, you need to write a blog. To write a blog, we need to have a website. On the blog website, we can publish and write blogs and share them on different social media through the internet. As soon as a visitor reads the information, they become our information helpful.

💻Create your own blog

There are many platforms available for creating websites. Where you can easily create a blog website. Such as, WordPress, Joomla. You can write a blog by creating a blog website here. And you can make a blog website. If you want to be a good blogger then you can choose either or WordPress platform.

And you can start your blogging career. is a Google program that provides us absolutely free hosting. But hosting has to be purchased in WordPress.

To become a blogger you need to add a name for your website. Whoever can name it, you can also name the blog website by your name or you can name your blog website according to the subject in which you want to write. One has to buy the related domain name of the name, which can be purchased from a website like godady.

💻Monetize your blog to earn money

Blogger earns money through advertising. He uses advertising on his blog website and receives payments. Apart from advertising, bloggers also earn a lot from affiliate marketing. In advertising, more and more bloggers advertise Google Adsense. Apart from this, advertisements like, popads, infolink are advertised and make money.

Affiliate marketing involves marketing any e-commerce company or digital product company, such as sharing links to Amazon products on their blog website and receiving commissions from them. In this way, the blogger earns, which is a very high earning. You can also earn in these ways.

After getting information about how to become a blogger It is also important to know how much bloggers earn⬇️

How much bloggers earn

Bloggers have different types of earnings. No blogger’s earnings are guaranteed. A month also earns $ 2, then a month earns 1000 $. Bloggers earn according to the traffic of the blog website. If there is more traffic on the website, then they get more money.

Because you click on advertising and get paid, if you have more clicks then you get more money. Similarly, in affiliate marketing, if people buy the product from the shared link, then they get a commission.

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Benefits of becoming a blogger

👉Blogging is freedom. We ourselves are the owners. We can work on our own free will.

👉In blogging, we can give time to family.

👉We can also do part-time work in the blogging field.


Friends, as a blogger, you can earn a very good income. But in the blogging field, we have to wait. We can earn money very quickly. We can become a blogger very quickly but cannot get earning quickly. Therefore, always be patient in the blogging field and keep your work moving forward. I hope you must like this post about how to become a blogger 😊 So please share with your colleagues.

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