How to become a teacher? Make the best career by being a teacher


Everyone wants to be something, a doctor, engineer, event manager or lawyer. Similarly, people also like to become teachers.

So today I am going to tell you how to become a teacher. If you also want to become a teacher then this post will be very helpful.

How to become a teacher
How to become a teacher

If they have the interest to manage leadership, want to change someone, learn something and teach, then they want to become teachers.

Teacher’s life is the best. because the teacher works to impart knowledge and everyone intends to touch their feet. That is why the teacher is given the highest importance in our society.

Now let’s talk about how to become a educator in india? And what are the courses to become a teacher? So friends, try to read my post completely for this information.


How to become a teacher?

To become a teacher in India, it is very important to first pass 12th. When we pass 10th, we should think about becoming a teacher. Then we should study that subject in 11th and 12th in the subject we are interested in.

As if you are most interested in Sanskrit, then keep a subject on Sanskrit and focus on it more and more.

  • Complete graduation
  • Complete B.Ed
  • Complete entrace exam

Complete graduation

Focus more on your favorite subject in 11 and 12 standard. Graduation is very important to become an educator. After 12th you can study graduation with your favorite subject.

It is important to complete graduation with the subject you want to teach in schools or colleges. For graduation, courses like B.A,, B.Sc have to be done on your favorite subject.

Complete B.Ed

Graduation is for 3 years. After completing graduation, it is necessary to do B.ed to become a teacher. Because B.Ed is a teacher-related course. To apply for B.Ed, one must have passed graduation. After graduation, you can do B.Ed course. B.Ed is a two-year course.

Complete Entrance exam TET

This is an entrance exam. The full form of TET is the teacher eligibility test. Those who can do the TET exam after B.Ed. Based on the marks of this exam, you are appointed to the post of an educator. By processing in this way you can become an educator.

Teacher Salary

In private schools and colleges, salary is given according to the quality and degree of the educator, but the government educator is given a fixed salary in the beginning and later it is gradually promoted in that salary. The government educator is given a salary up to 19500 initially.

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