How to become an IAS officer? Complete information


How to become an IAS officer

To get a good job, there is competition among people. It takes a lot of struggle to become an IAS. Only then can IAS be made. You also want to know how to become an IAS officer, so you have come to the great site

How to become an ias officer
How to become an ias officer

To become an IAS, it is necessary to know what is an IAS? And why is the importance of this job so much that people work hard day-night to become IAS officer.

What is IAS?

Indian Administrative service

IAS full form

The IAS officer is a top level government job. UPSC conducts the IAS officer exam every year.

IAS officers implement the law made in Parliament in their areas. Along with this, they also play an important role in making new policies or laws. IAS officers can also become cabinet secretary, under secretary, etc.

How to become an IAS Officer?

We talked in the above topic, what is IAS? Now I am going to talk on our main topic how to become an IAS officer?

Complete 12th Standard

We have to pass 12th to become an IAS. 12th pass can be done by any stream. Whether you can pass 12th from arts, commerce, or science.

Complete the Graduation

As soon as you pass 12th, after that your graduation will have to be done on your favorite subject. Such as on B.A, or BSc can complete the graduation. Because to apply for UPSC exam, it is necessary to be a candidate graduate.

Clear the UPSC exam

To get a degree like IAS, IPS, one must clear the exam of UPSC. As soon as you complete the graduation, apply for the UPSC exam. You can also apply for UPSC exam in the final year.

As soon as you apply for UPSC exam, after this you have to clear the 3 main exam, the first is the preliminary exam, the second is the main exam and the last is the interview.

Clear the Preliminary Exam

After clearing the UPSC exam, you have to clear the preliminary exam. There are two papers in this exam. Both are 200200 marks. there are objective papers. Only after clearing this exam, you can proceed to the next process. Therefore, it is important to clear this exam.

Clear Main exam

This exam is the most difficult exam. The main exam has to be given after clearing the preliminary exam. There are 9 papers in this exam. Which is very hard work. But to become an IAS, one has to pass this exam.

Clear the Interview

As soon as your two rounds are cleared, after that you are now called for a personal interview, which is about 45 minutes. So you have to clear the interview, there are many interview panel here who ask you very tricky questions. You have to be ready for this and you will have to clear this round as well only then you will be able to become an IAS officer.

How to preparation for become an IAS officer

To become an IAS officer, we have to work hard. Hard preparation is also necessary for the upcoming hard exam for become an IAS officer

Preparing for IAS Exam, we should take help of reliable books found at the shop. We should take the exam by preparing according to those books.

We should take the help of customized environment to study. In an absolutely peaceful environment, more and more questions preparation should be tried. Therefore, take recourse for study to solitary room, garden, liberary etc.

To get such toplevel job, focus only on your goal. Avoid other exams and just focus on the exam to become IAS.

Always newspapaer, be updated with television news. Not necessarily all the questions should be in the books


Friends, I have tried to give information of how to become an IAS officer, and to give tips for preparing ias. You can achieve top degree like IAS, IPS by focusing on your goal.


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