How To Join Indian Army After 12th Full guide


How to join India Army

Every youth in India wants to join the Indian Army and serve the country. But not everyone can become an army man. To join the Indian army, we have to pass some examinations. After you can join indian army. So today I am going to tell about how to join Indian army

How to join indian army
How to join indian army

In the Indian Army, physical examination along with mental examination is most commonly taken. Because to become a soldier of the Indian army, it is necessary to have a strong and healthy body.

What qualification is required to become an army man? And after passing which exam, we can become an army man. its complete information is in this article.

How to apply for Indian Army

First of all, we need to apply for the Indian Army. To apply, you must visit the official website of the Indian Army.

How to join Indian army?

To join the Indian Army, you will have to pass some important exams. Which are physical and written examinations. One must be 17½ years of age to become a soldier.

To become a Soldier, the height of the candidate should be 157.5 cm while the height of the female candidate is 152 cm. Apart from this, it is necessary to pass some important examinations.

Pass 10th or 12th standard

You can apply for army job after 10th or 12th pass. To join the army, you must have education up to 12th pass. After passing 12th, you can apply for the Indian Army.

Pass the physical test

To become an army man, it is necessary to have stamina in you. You must have the skills to run. Because during the physical test of the army, we have to complete a race of up to 1600 meters in just 5 minutes.

To pass this physical test you have to make a lot of effort. Because daily practice can achieve this feat. To get better in the race, get up early in the morning and practice of running.

Pass the medical test

To become an army man along with the physical test, you have to prove that you are healthy. Because the who man cannot handle his body, what will he handle the country? Therefore it is necessary to pass the medical test.

In the medical test, the chest, urine, eye, height, weight, ear etc. of the candidate are checked. If you do not have any physical problem, then you can easily pass medical tests.

Pass written exam

After passing in medical and physical exams, the written examination of the candidate is taken. It is necessary to give this exam to join the Indian Army. This exam is of 100 marks. Which is the objective type.

In this exam, 30% questions are of general knowledge. 40% of the questions are related to science. And 30% of the questions are mathematics.

These exam questions are not very hard. You can easily prepare exam by searching army question through the internet, and other platforms.

Last Words..

Friends, how to join Indian army I have tried to give its basic information. You can serve the country by making great efforts for the Indian Army. But joining the Indian army is not so easy. Hard work is necessary. When to apply for Indian Army, be updated with all this information.


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