How to withdraw PF online

Hello friends, if you are an employer and want to withdraw PF Savings, then this post will be very helpful. Because today I am going to tell about how to withdraw PF online? In digital time, PF withdrawal made very easy. You can withdraw pf after applying some steps.

How to withdraw pf online
How to withdraw pf

PF withdrawals are very easy. But before that, it is very important to know the eligibility of pf withdrawal.

Eligibility for PF Withdrawal

You can withdraw money from EPF account during your service. You get this partial withdrawal facility only when you are in desperate need.

The EPFO has laid down some important reasons for this. While applying, you have to mention your required reason. However, in the online application for partial EPF withdrawal, only your declaration is sufficient, no attachment of any document is required.

Steps of withdrawing pf online

  • Open the UAN portal. You can use this portal for all types of UAN related services.
How to withdraw pf
How to withdraw pf
  • Login using your UAN Number and Password. If you have forgotten the password, no problem, you can recreate it. The password can be set again with the help of the OTP number sent to your mobile number registered in the UAN account.

Full process watch video

  • Check your KYC Status Make sure that your Aadhaar number is linked to UAN or not. To check the KYC status, you have to click on the Manage after you get the KYC option, and click on Kyc.
  • After clicking on the Manage option in the portal. See here whether Aadhaar number is linked in your KYC documents. If not connected, first link your Aadhaar number with UAN.
  • You can link your Aadhaar with UAN yourself, but it will be approved by the employer only. Once this process is complete, you can use all the services with just a few processes.
  • In KYC bank detail, PAN detail and Aadhar detail is most important. So we must fill these 3 details.
  • KYC update can take the time up to 6 hours.
  • For withdraw PF you have to click on the claim option
  • Click on the dashboard of UAN. In this, you will get an ‘Online services‘ option. Here you can claim EPF, You can check KYC details.
  • Choose the option according to your need and proceed. You can also download your UAN Card from here. You can also see your service history here.
  • Here you have to feel some details. Here you have to prove your Aadhaar number. An OTP will be sent from the portal to the mobile number registered in your UAN. After submitting OTP You can fill the EPF withdrawal claim form.
  • After filling the form, you can also get its claim confirmation copy in PDF format. You must keep this copy with you. This will use as proof if there is any further problem in PF settlement

Type of PF claims for online withdrawal

  • PF withdraw during service
  • For getting pension after retirement
  • For final settlement after leaving the service(Job)

Apart from these three types of claims, you can get all types of claims related to PF online.

In all these types of claims, you can get your PF money without submitting any paper document. Even after changing from one company to another, you can transfer your EPF yourself. However, the facility of online EPF transfer has started since 2014.

How to activate UAN number

PF Withdrawal conditions

You have to complete some conditions for online PF withdrawal.

  • First of all, you must activate your UAN number. Actually, UAN activation is necessary to get all types of EPF services.
  • The mobile number registered with your UAN number should also be active, because, for your requests and changes in documents, etc., EPFO ​​completes the entire process of authentication through this mobile number.
  • Your Aadhaar number must also be linked to UAN. It would be better to get aadhar number registered with your employer at the time of PF membership enrollment. If some reason this has not been done, then later you can get Aadhaar linked to UAN through an employer. You can also submit your Aadhaar number from the UAN member portal.
  • If you want to withdraw money from EPF before completing five years of service, then your PAN number is also necessary.
  • Your bank account number and IFSC code of that bank branch are also required to be entered in the EPFO ​​database. Whatever money you withdraw from EPF, wholly or partially, will go to this account.

Eligibility for EPF settlement

Apart from the above conditions, some conditions of the final settlement available also.

  • The date of joining, and leaving the employee’s must be entered in the EPFO ​​database. Your employer makes this data available to EPFO.
  • You can apply for PF withdrawal only after the completion of two months from the date of leaving the service.
  • The applicant should not be presently employed in any organization. This means that you can be eligible for EPF withdrawal only if you are working in a government organization, or are self-employed, or are unemployed.

Benefits Of Online PF Withdrawal Form

  • In online PF withdraw you do not need the employer sign to withdraw your money. You can withdraw money from your EPF Account sitting at home. Just fill your online PF withdrawal form and withdraw money.
  • The process of online PF withdrawal form is completely digital. For this reason, you can avail all the facilities by authenticating your identity on your own.
  • The process of extracting online PF takes only a few hours, In the offline process, you have to face some problems such as process going many days, etc. Now you can withdraw money completely or partially by filling the information sought in a fewsteps.


It is very easy to withdraw pf online. Friends, how to withdraw pf? Conditions of PF and its benefits are described in detail in this post. I hope you liked these details very much.


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