Importance of mother tongue and How useful mother tongue

Importance of mother tongue
Importance of mother tongue

Friends, today we are going to talk about the importance of mother tongue in this post. The language which we start speaking from our birth as we called mother tongue called.

Everyone has given importance to mother tongue. We can share more and more of our knowledge in our mother tongue. That is why mother tongue has more importance.

Importance of mother tongue

By the way, every language has its own importance, and any language can become our mother tongue. The language of the region in which we are born becomes our mother tongue. This language is not taught in any proper way, but this language get with birth

Hence the importance of mother tongue is the highest. Because what we understand or learn in childhood, they learn in mother tongue. Until we go to school, we continue to take basic knowledge in the mother tongue.

Everyone’s mother tongue is different. If someone is born in Gujarat and his entire family speaks Gujarati then the child born will also take education in Gujarati language. So his mother tongue is Gujrati. Therefore, mother tongue has been given high sit like as the mother

Importance of mother tongue for students

The best time of life is student life. Knowledge of living life is found in student life. And the making platform of success starts from student life itself. In such a situation, mother tongue is very important for student life.

Mother tongue is useful for increasing skill in students life and for acquiring more and more skills. If we use second language instead of mother tongue to improve our skills, then there is difficulty in improving skills.

Mother tongue should be used to teach child more and more. In this way, the student improves his skills as quickly as possible.

To share emotional talk

Friends, if we are sad and have to tell the condition of our heart to someone, then we have to tell in our mother tongue. Because in the mother tongue, we can easily share our experiences with anyone.

Many times you must have noted that someone is sad and crying, while crying, he speaks more and more in mother tongue. That is why everyone shares their emotional experiences through their mother tongue.

Importance of mother tongue for business

The mother tongue also matters in the field of business. If you are doing a business and use some other language instead of mother tongue, in which you are less interested, then business may be affected. It is not that you cannot do business without mother tongue. But if you do business in the mother tongue, then it will be very easy.

If the customer comes to some deal and you are not able to tell about your product properly then the customer will not agree with you and will leave. Therefore, business should be done in as much detail as possible in our mother tongue.

If you are proficient in another language and can speak and understand, then you can also do business in another language.

Apart from business, mother tongue also matters in online work, such as blogging, YouTube. Blogging is done in different languages, if you blogging in unknown language, you will not be able to write much. Your mother tongue also matters in YouTube.

Friends, I tried to gave information to you the whole importance of the mother tongue. The mother tongue is very important for the development of childhood. If you liked this post, then never forget to share it with friends. Thank you

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