What is Importance Of Trees ? One Messege For Save Trees

Importance of trees essay


Importance of trees

Friends, trees are very important for our lives and the whole world. If the given right importance of trees, then the tree is a life.

Importance of trees
Importance of trees

But nowadays people continue to harm the trees for their personal interest. But the whole living creation without trees can be in danger.

Of all the planets in the universe, only tree plants have been found on Earth. Life is active on earth because of tree plants. Nevertheless, people keep cutting trees for their personal interest. And life creation is coming under risk.

๐ŸTrees reduces pollution.

With the increasing technology, the use of machines, industries and vehicles is increasing more and more air pollution and noise pollution. These vehicles and machines release a lot of poisonous air.

This poisonous air is very harmful for the creature of the world. This type of wind causes various types of diseases. Diseases such as asthma and cancer are caused by polluted air. trees and plants have the strength to prevent such pollution.

Trees emit oxygen and exploit poisonous air. Which is very important for the living world.

๐ŸTrees bring rain

Importance of trees
Importance of trees

This is true, we cannot get drinking water without trees. Because it is the trees that brings rain. It is very unlikely to rain without trees. Therefore, it is necessary to have a tree for rain.

๐ŸTrees provide us with fruits and flowers.

The living world (animals, insects, humans etc) on earth cannot survive without eating. Trees provide food for the creatures on earth. Which provide us fruits, grains, etc

In addition, trees provide us with flowers. Flowers have many benefits. The flowers are fragrant. The flower is used in medicine, and in Hinduism the flower is considered sacred and offered to God.

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๐ŸTrees prevent soil erosion.

Sometimes it rains a lot. Land erosion occurs due to excess water coming into the river. Parallel land begins to be unparalleled. Due to which the farmers suffer heavy losses.

Trees prevent cutting the ground. The roots of the tree are inside the ground. The flow of incoming water gets inhibited by trees. And cutting the ground can prevent by trees.

๐ŸThe desert stops expanding by trees

Importance of trees
Importance of trees

There are no available trees. Sand is sand, it is called desert. People cannot cultivate in the desert. Therefore, that land remains dormant.

But the trees can slowly stop the desert. And trees can create fertile soil. If trees are cut down, fertile land can also become a desert.

๐ŸThe tree gives us wood

You can imagine how hard life without wood. To burn anything, first of all wood is required. The most important paper is makes from trees

Wood is required to do things like furniture. They are used in many types of herbal and Ayurvedic medicines.

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Save trees save earth- one meesege

We have come to know the importance of trees. How important are trees for living creation. Nevertheless, people do not stop harvesting trees for their personal selfishness.

Day by day heat is increasing. The risk of global warming is increasing. Ozone level is being broken down by air pollution. Extremely harmful sun rays fall directly on our body. And does many damage on our skin.

Dwelling place of wild animals are ending. Due to the forest cut, wild animals are dying starving and thirsty, on the road. Many types of live organisms are disappearing on Earth.

The nesting of birds is getting destroyed. The bird’s life gets disturbed due to cutting of trees. Many species of birds are at increased risk of extinction. Like a sparrow.

Therefore save trees, save lives. The tree is like a god. Therefore trees are worshiped in Hindu culture. Trees like Tulsi and Peepal are worshiped in the house. They are taught to their children. But the modern age considers it Blind faith. But it is true way even if it is Blind faith. Due to which the tree is preserved.

Friends, it is necessary to cut trees to our needs. But cut down one tree and grow two new trees. We should spread this message all over the world.

People are afraid of society and religion. So make new rules for the tree in your religion and society. Similarly, the life saving can be protected by saving trees.

Importance of trees


Save trees save water. I hope you must liked this essey on importance of trees. So please share with your coleague and start to save trees.


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