Imortance of water

I had previously written an article about the importance of trees. Today again I am going to discuss the importance of water and save water

Importance of water
Importance of water

We need water from morning till evening. Without water, we cannot do our vital work. That is why the importance of water is unique.

Who does not know about water? Everyone knows how useful water is for our lives.

If there is water, there is life. Water has kept the creation alive. We grow grains from water. Animal birds are nourished by water.

Importance of water

There is 78% water on Earth. But that water is not potable. Only 2/7 portion of water on earth is drinkable. But human activities have endangered the water.

There is no life on earth without water. Water is found only on Earth, so Earth is called a unique planet. If there was no water on the earth, trees, animals, insects would not have been produced.

If a person does not eat food, he can live for a few days. But without drink water human will die only in 3 days. Still, humans do not care about water.

Importance of water for tree, plants

The trees or plant cannot grow without water. Water is very important for the development of trees. The root of the tree uses water from the ground. The tree plant is also very important for life creation.

But if there is no water, there will be no trees. Food is necessary for humans. It is necessary to cook the grains. Fruit is necessary to eat. To avoid excessive sun rays, shade of the tree is necessary. Only this tree can fill all the needs.

To grow trees it is necessary to have water.

When there is no water, how will the human nourish the plants and trees. Without water, life creation can get in trouble.

Importance of water for animals and birds

There are no humans on this earth. Along with humans, animals and birds also live on the earth. Water is as important for humans as it is for animals and birds

But wild animals and birds do not misuse water. They only drink water. If water is not available to the animals, then they die thirsty. Every animal bird has its own importance.

But animal birds do not know how to save water. Humans have responsiblity for save water.

Importance of water for farming

Friends, food is necessary to live life. We use grains to eat for different nutritious food. Grain is grown in the field. That grain is transported to the public.

Water is very important for farming in the farm. Without water farming can not be done. If it does not rain for a year, then the farmer get upset. That is why the farmer extract water from the ground and use it in the field. And slowly ground water is also getting depleted.

Friends, without farming there are big problems. This is reason for importance of water.

How to save water

We know how important water is. Therefore, we should try to save water as much as possible. I want to give you a few hints of saving water.

  • we should be store water whenever it rains.
  • Use only as much water as you need.
  • Try to explain to people for save water. If possible, water rescue camp should also be kept.
  • Explain the importance of water to your children. So that they do not waste water.

Last words

We have to save water for our own good. Preach to save maximum water to people should be given. I have also tried to give you the message of saving water and importance of water through this content. I hope you will follow this message.

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