Investment Banking Courses In India, Career Scope And Colleges

Investment Banking Courses In India

Hello friends, there are many courses to make the best career. Everyone chooses a course according to interest. If you have an interest in investment, finance, and accounting then you can know about investment banking. So today I am going to explain investment banking courses in India.

I have completed the complete details of investment banking by doing great effort and research, which will be very useful to you.

What are investment banking courses

You get information like financial and loans during investment banking courses. You can also do investment banking courses online. There are many online companies that allow investment banking courses, Such as Udemy

You can become Investment Banker by doing an Investor Banking course. Along with higher education, it is an attractive salary course. Not only in India, but you can get jobs at the international level as well.

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Investment banking courses

Chartered financial analyst (cfa)

Diploma in investment banking and equity research

BA in finance and investment banking

MBA in investment banking

PG diploma in banking and finance

PG diploma in global investment

Online courses

Udemy complete Investment banking courses

Investment Banking Training (CFI)

Free Investment Banking Course (WallStreetMojo)

Investment Banking Certification (New York Institute of Finance)

Required skills

  • Technical skills
  • Communication skills
  • The skill of handle works in pressure
  • Need mathematics and calculation skills
  • Financial skills
  • Business development new ideas

Career scope

Career scope is very much in this field. You can get jobs in areas like trending firms, capital marketing, loan companies, share markets, etc

Those who have a Bachelor’s degree in Investment Banking, their annual salary package ranges from 7 to 9 lakhs on the position of Assistant or Junior Analyst. Banks and financial institutions need similar skilled and talented bankers who can contribute to the growth of the institute. Therefore, there is a lot of scopes to pursue a career in this field.


  • SP Jain Institute of Management And Research- Mumbai
  • National Institute of Securities Markets- Navi Mumbai
  • ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning (ICFL)- Kolkata
  • Parul University, Vadodra (Gujrat)
  • Jain University- Bangalore


Investment banker job is on the best from highest paying jobs in india. After doing investment banking course you can get job of investment baker. You can also do investment banking courses from online institutes. For this field bechlor, ug diploma and master degree courses availabe are listed above.

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