ITI Courses After 12th 2021 Types and Career Scope

ITI Courses After 12th

ITI Courses After 12th : If you have less time, less education, yet you want to make your career by doing engineering or non-engineering courses after 12th commerce, science and arts in a very short time, then you can choose the ITI course. Because the minimum education requirement for ITI courses is 10th or 12th pass. By applying ITI courses you can make your bright future.

Iti courses after 12th
ITI courses after 12th

What Are ITI Courses

The full form of ITI course Industrial Training Institute. It is known as the full form of ITI that it is an industrial-related course.

ITI courses are industrial courses. The aim of ITI courses is to improve the employment skills of the students. Through which the candidate can do their own business or work in a company.

There are Two types of ITI courses.

  1. Engineering ITI courses
  2. Nonengineering ITI courses

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Engineering ITI Courses After 12th

Course NameDuration
Electrician2 years
Fitter2 years
Plumber1 year
Wireman2 year
Architectural assistant1 year
Computer hardware and networking2 year
Tools and die making3 years
Diesel mechanics1 year
Motor driving cum mechanical1 year
Mechanic motor vehicle2 year
Mechanics radio and TV2 year
Turner2 years
Multimedia Animation and Special Effects1 year
Mechanic Agricultural Machinery2 year
Physiotherapy Technician2 year


Iti courses after 12th

If you have interest in the electric industry can do this ITI electrician course. The duration of this course is two years. Which you can do from any of your nearest ITI centers.

Career: After completing this course, you become an electrician. You can do earning by giving service in an electric field. You can apply for jobs in transmission companies, electrical equipment manufacturing firms, electric companies, etc.


Fitter is a 2-year engineering ITI course. Work such as installing machines, pump fittings, are taught during the Fitter course. If you have an interest in machine installation, then this is the best ITI course.

Career: After completing this course, you can start the business of machine installation and fitting. Apart from this, you can work on the job position of the fitter in a company. You can apply in companies like Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil, Reliance, etc.


Iti courses

Plumber is a 1-year ITI course. In this course, skills such as pipe installation are taught. The plumber is required for repairing water pipelines at places like bathrooms, kitchens, hospitals, colleges, etc.

Career: You can become a plumber after a plumber ITI course. You can service pipe repairing in your city or surrounding area. And you can earn well.


Install, replace, or repair electric wires is called Wireman. Wireman is needed everywhere nowadays. This course is of 2 years. for 4 semesters.

Career: There is more chance of a private job after doing this course. Apart from this, you can provide private service by becoming a wireman yourself.

Architectural Assistant

Architectural assistant course is 1-year ITI course. The architecture assistant’s job is to prepare the design of the buildings. There are many universities that provide an architectural assistant course in India.

Career: In this time you can get a job after this course in the civil industry. Candidate can also work with contractors. You can open an office of your own. Where you can get a lot of work. People nowadays get more design of their house, building, they make only after getting all their things designed, so if you do this course then you will get good work and along with that you get the money demanded from you.

Computer Hardware And Networking

Iti courses after 12th

The duration of Computer hardware and networking course is two years. If you have an interest in the computer then this course is better for you. In this course, students learn about computer hardware and networking system

Career: After completing this course candidates can get jobs like in educational institutes, labs, and MNCs as all companies. You can also start your own business on computer hardware repairing and network solutions.

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Tools And Die Making

Tools and die making course is 3 years ITI course. Toolmakers manufacture and repair cutting and shaping tools to make machine tools. Die makers manufacture and repair metal forms, called dyes.

Career: After completing tools and die making ITI course students can apply in any dia and tools making manufacturing companies.

Diesel Mechanics

Diesel mechanics ITI course is a 1-year ITI course. If you interested in automobile industry then this course is better for you to learn the best skills like repairing, vehicle testing, etc

Career: After complete the diesel mechanics course you can apply for the job in andy automobile manufacturing companies.

Nonengineering ITI Courses After 12th

Course NameDuration
Surveyor2 years
Dressmaking1 year
footwear manufacture1 year
Plastic processing operator1 year
Leather good maker1 year
Hair and skincare1 year
Hand compositor1 year
Desktop publishing operator1 year
Interior decoration and designing1 year
Commercial art1 year
Marketing executive1 year
Health Safety and Environment1 year
Library and Information Science1 year


Iti surveyor

Surveyor is 2 years long ITI course. IF you have an interest in road survey then this course can be very beneficial for you. In the surveyed job have to survey of road height etc.

Career: After complete this course, the candidate can apply to a road maker company.

Dressmaking ITI Course

The dressmaking course is a one-year ITI course. In this course, students learn about sewing, cloth cutting, designing, and more. There are many ITI institutes that provide this course. If you have an interest in the dressmaking course then this course is best for you.

Career: After completing this course you can become a tailor. There are also job requirement platforms available such as garment manufacturing companies, textile mills, tailor shops, and garments stores.

Leather Good Maker

Leather and good maker is one-year nonengineering ITI course. In this course, students learn about repairing leathers, making leathers such as leather bags, belts, gloves, pockets, and more.

Career: After completing this course and developing skills in leather making and repairing you can also your own business. there is very demand in the market for leather products. Apart from this, you can also get a job in leather manufacturing companies, leather product shops, etc.

Hair And Skincare

Iti after 12th

Ther duration of hair and skincare ITI course is 1 year. This course is the nonengineering ITI course. If you increase your skills in hair and skincare then do this course. In this course, students develop their skills such as hair cutting, shampooing, massage, hair styling and coloring, eyebrow shaping.

Career: You can develop your own business on hairstyling and skincare. get jobs such as in beauty parlors, hair saloon, etc.

Desktop Publishing Operator

Desktop publishing operator ITI course is 1 year long nonengineering course. During this course, students develop their skills in printing, advertising, and more.

Career: After completing this course candidates can apply in advertising agencies, print media houses, any print, and book publishing houses.

Interior Decoration And Designing

The duration of the interior decoration and designing ITI course is one year. In this trade, students learn about the decoration and furnishing of an architectural interior.

Career: After completing this course you can become an interior designer. Interior designer can start designing in building, kitchens, hotels and more places by doing own business.


ITI courses are the best courses for improving industrial skills. If you have law education and want to make a bright future in a low duration then do ITI. I hope you must like all information about ITI courses after 12th commerce, arts and science in India. 😊

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