How to join Indian Air Force After 12th Class

How to join Indian air force

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you all about air force job in this post. What is an air force job? And in this article, I am going to give the complete information about how to join Indian air force after 12th class.

How to join indian air force job
How to join indain air force after 12th

Every youth dreams of doing an air force job for his good career. As part of the Indian Air Force, the sense of leadership, management skills, and dynamic thinking develop in you. Which also works to prepare you to face your real-life situations. First of all you need to know about what is air force job before explaining how to join Indian air force after 12th

What is Air force job

Air force defense is one of the best government jobs. There are two times of exams a year in the country for this job. Which are organized by NDA. Air force job is one of the high paying jobs. Which is achieved after giving very difficult exams.

Defense jobs consist of navy, army and Air force. Which can also be called a service work for the country. Along with this job, we get a chance to do service to the country. The country’s young airforce feels proud after joining. That is why this job has been called the best job.

History of Indian Air force job

Before going to the Indian Air Force, it is important that you also know about its history. The Indian Air Force was established on 8 October 1932. Its founding member was Air Marshal Subroto Mukherjee.

The Indian Air Force has grown rapidly since independence. The Indian Air Force not only played its part in the India Pakistan war but also the Air Force’s commendable contribution in the peace mission of the United Nations.

The Indian Air Force made considerable progress between 1972 and 1990, during which many state-of-the-art aircraft have become part of the Indian Air Force.

Air force Job requirement

There are two groups in the Air force job. 1 technical group (X group) 2- Non-technical group (Y group)

For group X

For Group X posts, the applicant should have 50% in 12th class with Mathematics, Physics and English subjects. Or Three years Diploma in Engineering.

For Group Y

For group Y any stream must pass 12th with 50%. At the same time, for the medical trade of Group Y, there should be 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English and 50% marks in English also.

Air force opportunities

There are many career opportunities available in an air force field. You can get a chance to work in many positions in its three branches Flying, Technical and Grand Duty. For example, in Flying Branch, you can work as a fighter pilot, helicopter pilot, and transport pilot. In Flying Branch, you get a chance to work in positions like Flying Officer, Flight Lieutenant, Group captain, Group commander, Squadron Leader, Wing Commander, Air Marshal.

There are three opporoturities in Air force

  • Flying branch
  • Technical branch
  • grand duty branch

Flying branch

Pilots are trained in this branch of the Air Force. If you also want to touch the height of the sky with a fighter plane, then by joining the flying branch, you can fulfil your dream. For example, in Flying Branch, you can work as a fighter pilot, helicopter pilot, transport pilot and more.

Technical branch

Technical training is provided in this branch. If you become part of the technical, then you are told in detail about the aircraft maintenance, servicing and communication at the Airforce station and the signal checking etc.

Grand duty branch

The job of this branch of the Air Force is to guide the Air Force. These people manage resources like human and material. This is also the best job opportunity.

How to join Indian Air Force After 12th

More force is needed to get an Air force job. Indian Air force exams are in three groups.

  1. X group
  2. Y group

X group: This group is for the technical post of the air force. For applying in this group, the candidate must have passed with 10 + 2 in science with math.

Y group: This group is for the non-technical post of the air force. For applying in this group, candidates must pass 10 + 2 and pass through any stream. Here, candidates can apply for arts, commerce or science without math even for y group.

Pass 12th class

If you want to do a job in the Indian Air Force in India, then for this you have to pass 12th. You should also have Physics, Chemistry, Maths subject and at least 50% marks in Science stream.

Apply for NDA examination

To be admitted in the Indian Air Force after 12th, You have to apply for NDA exam. The full name of NDA is National Defence Academy, from where you can apply for army, navy and airforce. This exam is conducted by UPSC every year, which happens twice a year. To get air force job, this exam has to be cleared. Further, there is a Written Exam which also conducts UPSC.

Clear SSB interview

After clearing the NDA exam, you called for SSB interview round of recruitment for indian air force job. There are many types of tests in it, such as Physical Test, Group Discussion, Apty Test, Personal Interview etc. As there are many tests, you have to clear all of them.

Clear medical examination

As soon as you clear the SSB interview after this you are sent for medical examination. In which check, that you do not have any kind of disease, you are fit or not, you have to clear all these tests also.

After that, a merit list is announced, in which the names of Qualified Candidate. And selected students in the merit list are sent for coaching in NDA for about 3 years.

How to join inidan air force after 12th

Complete training in air force academy

As soon as you complete 3 years of coaching in NDA, after this, you have to complete training for Indian Air Force. This training is for one year. After clearing all these exams, you will get the position of an officer in the Indian air force. After this, you are called Air Force Officer 😊


The air force officer gets a very good salary. In starting the air force officer gets a salary from 40000 to 50000 rupees.

Apart from this, the best facilities are available in this job. Such as housing loans, hospitals free charges, every year 60 days holiday etc.


I have given complete information about air force job and how to join indian air force job after 12th. You can also get an air force job by doing a great effort. With the high salary of this job you can also get a chance to serve the country. Therefore every youth of the country wants to join the air force job. And Friends if you have more detail about this job then you can share with us. We will update this article with your good details.


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