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Parivahan Seva

Sarathi parivahan seva slot booking / parivahan slot booking / sarathi parivahan slot booking for driving licence / Sarathi Parivahan Seva

Sarathi Parivahan Seva is inaugurated by the administration of the UP Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) by which residents can easily pertain online for a Driving license clearance.

parivahan seva
sarathi parivahan seva

According to the law of the Indian government, a citizen has to obtain a learner’s approval before the license. Prior then the learner’s approval expiry, an individual has to refer to the driving license. Currently, the government launched the Sarathi Parivahan Sewa an online digital forum to pertain for a driving license under Parivahan Ministery’s direction.

Using Parivahan application, the applicant can examine the situation of their driving license.

Essential License Assistance (Sarathi Parivahan Sewa)

Learner License (LL)

Before connecting for Driving License, one needs to get a learner license approval. (LLR generally called). One who attained 18 years of age, can obtain LL Registration online in

You can choose your RTO/VMI department with the assistance of Pincode. You can pertain for LLR either rapidly or through recognized driving institutes. The online portal is self-guided and loads all data needed. You have to upload all the crucial papers such as address information, age proof, and medical receipt if the applicant’s age is more than 40 years.

 You can put together fees either online or through the closest SBI department offline. Once the fee is rendered, you can rectify the nomination online to put up with pictures at the RTO/VMI department to avoid excessive waiting time.

At the verge of the procedure, you will get a barcode/QR code acknowledgment receipt. Accept the photograph of the acknowledgment receipt and attend the RTO/VMI office on the authorization day and period (you can attain almost half an hour before the nomination time).

After scrutinizing your petition by the Motor Vehicles inspector, illustrations will be brought, and you can receive LLR images out from the portal. This LLR is reasonable for six months, and you can pertain to for DL of your option within one month of the LLR issue period.

If the applicant ceased to function in the Learner Licence trial, he/she could reappear for examination on the next day onward after spending mandatory fees. If LLR is terminated, the applicant has to pertain to the new one.

Documents for Learner Driving Licence

You need some required documents for learner driving licence apply.

Documents File Size
Photograph10 to 20 KB
Signature10 to 20 KB
Identity ProofUpto 200 KB
Address ProofUpto 200 KB

List of Identity Proof

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID card
  • PAn Card
  • Bank Passbook etc

Address Proof

  • Aadhaar card
  • Driving license
  • Voter ID Card
  • Electricity bill

Syllabus for LLR Test       

  1. Traffic indications & signals, regulations of the road laws made.           
  2. Responsibilities of a driver during stake in the casualty.
  3. Safeguards to be carried while ratifying un-manned railway crossroads.
  4. The Documents he/she should hold up with him while riding a vehicle.

Sarathi Parivahan Learning Licence Slot Booking

Now, I am going to explain how to apply for a learning driving licence? You must follow these steps to apply for a learner driving licence and open the sarathi parivahan learning licence slot booking.

Steps to apply sarathi parivahan learning licence slot booking

  • First of all open Sarathi Parivahan Sewa’s official website on your chrome browser.
  • On the home page, select the Driving Licence Related Services option.
Sarathi Parivahan sewa
  • Now new window wil be open. Here select your respective state.
  • The Sarathi Parivahan seva dashboard will open front of you.
  • Here, you have to select the Apply for New Learner Licence which is available under the hood of learner licence.
  • Now the list of stages for online application will open front of you. Now click on continue.
  • Now the learner license application form will open front of you. Fill all detail of the form carefully.
Sarathi Parivahan sewa
  • After submitting. Application number will be received on your mobile number.

Age Limit Sarathi Parivahan Sewa

Any individual who has obtained 16 years of age may get authorization for riding a Motor Cycle without Gear – Not exceeding 50 ccs. (with parental permissions ) Any individual who has finished off 18 years of age may get a license for riding a Motor Cycle with Gear and Light Motor Vehicle.

Any individual who has obtained 20 years of age and endorsed eight standards with legal DL and one-year non-transport automobile such as Car, Motorcycle, Tractor, etc.

 To collect a driving licence for automobile vehicles (Goods vehicle, Bus, taxi, etc.), the applicant needs to have the least educational credentials of a pass in 8th class.

Compulsory Documents to enroll in Sarathi Parivahan Sewa             

Application in Form-2 developed Online.

Age confirmation     

Address information

Medical agreement in Form No.1-A. (in case of Transport automobile and the applicant’s age is surplus than 40 years old).

Application cum Declaration as to the Physical Fitness Form-1.


  •  Surcharge for LLR for an individual class of automobile Rs.230/-.           
  •  Surcharge for LLR for a dual-class of automobile Rs.380/-.

Driving License(DL)

To drive a Non-Transport automobile, Two Wheeler and LMV, the applicant must come off competent to ride (Driving skill Test) separately or by recognized Driving Institutes before the Motor Vehicle inspector. The data already infiltrated and paper uploaded for LLR can be utilized for receiving DL in Portal, but a tax has to be compensated by online itself.

A driving licence will be handed out for 20 years from the period of issue or up to 40 years of age whatever is ahead for non-transport automobiles. In the issue of vehicles, it will be useful for three (3) years from the period of issue.

The Motor automobiles Inspector will perform the examination of competence to ride the vehicle as per the protocols laid under rule 15 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules,1989. After gratification about the driving abilities, the testing administration will pass the declaration for a driving licence.

Onetime the applicant clears the driving trial, the Driving License will be handed out by the Asst. Permitting Authority after apprehending of bio-metrics comprising Photograph.

 If the applicant is weakened in the driving test, they could come up furthermore for re-test after seven days. If the applicant does not finish even after three driving tests, he shall not be authorized to reappear for such examination before 60 days.

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Documents Needed

  • Application in Form-2 produced through online.
  • Valid Learner Licence.

Documents of the automobile in which the applicant instructs to come out for test of competence to drive (such as valid enrollment Certificate, security Certificate, tariff Card, pollution under discretion Certificate).

Form 5 and Form 15 (foremost for those who have sustained training in a Driving school).


  •  Driving licence expense for a sole class of automobile Rs.800/-.   
  • Driving licence expense for the dual class of automobile Rs.1100/-.
  • Click Here to pertain Driving License Online form:

Conductor License

A petition of the mandate of Conductor’s Licence shall be given in Form-L.Con.A and shall be attended by a medical affidavit in Form-M.C. Con., valid adult primary aid policy from St. John Ambulance Association (India), and payment as prescribed.

Upon receipt of an application for a conductor’s licence, the licensing council after making such investigations may relatively be essential to establish the applicant’s originality and after scrutinizing that the applicant is not disqualified for keeping a conductor’s licence may hand out the license data.

Documents Required

  1. Request for issue of conductor’s authorization, Form– L.CON.A. 
  2. Medical diploma in Form – M.C.CON.
  3. Valid grown-up First-aid statement from St. John Ambulance federation(India) 
  4.  Self-Attested document of proof of property 
  5. Self-Attested paper of evidence of age
  6. Self-Attested paper of 10th standard qualification certificate.
  7. Precursors confirmation by the Police
  8. Conductor Training agreement from an organization duly authorised by the vehicle bureau.  
  9. Prescribed expense
  10. Two identical copies of a current picture.
  11. FEE:- Rs. 200/-

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Advantages of Sarathi Parivahan Sewa

There are numerous benefits of pertaining an online driving licence renting the assistance of Sarthi Parivahan Sewa

•    No necessity to go to the RTO department, you can effortlessly avail the sarthi Sewa from sarthi parivahan website online.

•    Conserves a lot of time and capital

•    Track the stature of the driving license from residence operating Marathi parivahan licence service

•    lesser paperwork

•    Digitization of labour makes a clarity of the sarthi parivahan sewa aid

•    For any type of motor automobile driving license is a mandatory statement

•    Driving approval is a government authority paper, which is also utilized as the Govt Identity evidence

•    Vahan Sarathi Driving Licence is furthermore used for obtaining other actions like Aadhar card and visa

•    Sarathi Parivahan Sewa provides better vehicle aids to the inhabitant

•    Easily and rapidly enactment of the government assistance from time to time

•    Improved unmistakable image of administration services.

As we notice, a Driving License fiddles a crucial role in everybody’s life. It is one of the vastly influential papers for every inhabitant. Recently, Driving Licenses are composed by attending the RTO offices of the anxious state, but today people will obtain Driving Licenses from the authorised website of Sarathi Parivahan.

Let us notify you that it evolves necessarily for all residents to have a Driving License primarily for two or four-wheeled automobile applicants. Everybody must report that regularly carry your Driving License while touring anywhere. This is because Driving License is the extensively vital document for all residents. Here we will examine the implication of a Driving License. The steps are as follows:

•    Different Type of Vehicle Driving License: As we realize, there are several types of usable vehicles for which the government appointed them a Driving License. So, constantly pertain for the Driving License according to the automobile.

•    Driving License qualifies Applicant as Authorized Driver: According to the laws, if someone riding any vehicle without possessing a Driving License always treat as illicit. Although you are a skilled driver, still it is your obligation first to have a Driving License for your security purpose. Having a Driving License indicates an Authorized Driver.

•    Driving License as an Individuality Proof: In Banks, Policies Hospitals, etc., a Driving License should continuously be treated as an Identity Proof for all Indian Citizens.

•    Driving License identify Indian residents to smash the rules: Unfortunately, if there will be any casualty occur during touring, then with the assistance of a Driving License, every resident will be recognised. With a Driving License, community will find the crucial details of the applicantion.

Main duties of Sarathi Parivahan Sewa

Sarathi Parivahan Sewa
Sarathi Parivahan Sewa

1.   Vehicle enrollment Related assistance

Vehicle Registration Services furnished All Details About Vehicle. It’s named Vahan Services. Vahan Services comprises several Parivahan Tax, license, tariff Receipts and So on duties Details Such as: 

•    Vahan prestige Services Like Reprint Receipt/Form, Check pending pact, Check Trade certificate pending.

•    Other Online aids Provided by  Sarathi Parivahan such as Trade receipt, LOI, Online license

•    Download form for Print No criticism certificate(NOC) and Print interim Registration.

2. Driving License Related Services of Sarathi Parivahan Sewa

The outlet of the Ministry of Road vehicle and Highways furnish the building to Apply online for Sarathi LL, DL. Both the Learner and Permanent DL can be pertained to on this outlet. If you expect to get a driving authorization, then this chore can be done crouching at home.

Sarathi Parivahan, a doorway of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, authorizes you to pertain to a driving permission, Learning License online procedure functional on Sarathi Parivahan.

Both the novice and Permanent Driving License can be pertained to on this outlet. Also, you can operate from uploading papers to paying payments through this outlet. Sarathi Parivahan Website Another aid like Driving License Related duties Such as

  • Related petitions.
  • Find the petition number.
  • Cancel petition.
  • Camp enrollment.
  • Appointment aperture Booking
  • Fees/expense
  • Modify Application
  • Inquiry for Slot reserving nomination
  • Cancel nomination
  • Print licence elements Form
  • New beginners license
  • New driving authorization
  • The case of learners task for the perished class of vehicles.
  • Employment of novices license.
  • Assistance on the driving license(renewal, replica, others).
  • New conductor approval
  • Assistance on conductor permission
  • Temporary conductor consent
  • Regularize temporary conductor clearance
  • Check petition status

3. Check Post fee of Sarathi Parivahan Sewa

Check post Tax Pay is substantial every Vahan. Commonly,

All Driver has barrier about tax compensation online “Sarathi Parivahan ” Website is empowered the capacity to pay back Parivahan Tax Online. there is the taking off after a catalog of Check midst to reimburse the online Parivahan fee.

  • Himachal Checkpost
  • Haryana Checkpost
  • Daman And Diu
  • Bihar Checkpost  
  • Chhattisgarh Checkpost 
  • Uttarakhand Checkpost
  • UP checkpost
  • Rajasthan Checkpost
  • Punjab Checkpost
  • Jharkhand Checkpost
  • Jammu & Kashmir

4. Fancy Number Booking for Sarathi Parivahan Sewa

Sarathi Parivhan’s dream of Number plate Booking capability also available, Customer Can handily Choice Number appointed via the Marathi parivahan website. Today there is a various community who are enthusiastic in getting Fancy Number Plat on their vehicles. Using This facility consumers can be assigned online Numbers and Payment Online effortlessly.

5. e-Authorisation Card of Sarathi Parivahan Sewa

Sarathi Parivahan also encompassing the e-Authorisation Card structure via the online Sarthi parivahan authorized website, Who’s a buyer can requirement for e-Authorisation Card for Vehicles Essay to obtain Sarthi Parivahan official website.

6. Understand your License Documents 

If any consumer discovers License Details can be simple to find utilising This choice if any consumer infers your License Details, the Sarthi Parivahan website furnished all details arriving License number.

Know your Vehicle fragments

If any consumer receives her Vehicle details online, the Sarathi Parivahan Website is the most excellent option to recognize your automobile features. But the buyer immigrates all Details associated with the automobile.

7. NR(National Register) assistance.

Sarthi Parivahan can deliver data associated to NR. The sequel, NR That’s standards National Register duties. NR Services is one of the most admirable choices for the authorised website Sarathi Parivahan yojna.

8. National license 

If any consumer or vehicle motorist can bring about an authorization to National Permit via Parivahan Website furnished data related to the Nation Permit Facility, the consumer can easily get National enact online.

9. CNG Maker

CNG creating Facility lives on Sarathi Parivahan Website, Today their quantity of an automobile is CNG Kits, So utilizing Sarthi Parivahn. Consumer attended this CNG Maker choice and then pertained Sarthi Privahan structure.

10. SLD Maker

SLD builder Services accessible on Sarathi Vahan website, stoner can wield this structure.

11. VLTD Maker 

LTD originator Services were accessible on Sarathi Parivahan website this use volume of the faculty are existing today.

12. Trade Certificate

If anyone receive a Trade receipt then the easy means to get Trade Certificate, So simple to get Trade receipt in Marathi parivahan website.

Sarathi Parivahan Seva application

Sarathi Parivahan Sarathi app enhances the clarity of assistance and furnishes a facility to freeway vehicle to relaxation from paperwork. Sarathi Parivahan Sewa gov. issue a creative card which brings carrier simple and assists to retain the data of automobiles within nation and government. These petitions are constantly revised with the new laws which are inaugurated by the Sarathi Parivahan Sewa.

Details :

1. Informational Services

Sarathi Parivahan Sewa

•    Sarathi Parivahan Sewa app Permits

•    Sarathi Parivahan Sewa app Act,  laws, and Politics

•    Sarathi Parivahan Sewa app Expenses and Used Taxes

•    Sarathi Parivahan Sewa app Licensing

•    Sarathi Parivahan Sewa app Registration

•    Sarathi Parivahan Sewa application status

2. Online Services

•    Sarathi Parivahan Sewa gov in Vahan Services

•    Sarathi Parivahan Sewa Services

•    Sarathi Parivahan Sewa app Know your Vehicle elements

•    Parivahan Sarathi Sewa app Know your License items

  • Sarathi Parivahan Sewa gov in government RTO Projects
    • Sarathi Parivahan Sewa app Download Forms
    • Sarathi Parivahan Sewa Online Driving licence download
    • Parivahan Sewa Sarathi Login
  • Vahan login, Sarathi Login and Dealer Login
  •  Parivahan Sewa Sarathi Dashboard
    • Sarathi Parivahan Sewa helpful Links

New beginner license online application

If you are an Indian resident and willing to pertain to for the recent Learner’s Driving License online, then you may pertain to it by attending the Sarthi Parivahan Website. Every resident who attains the eligibility constraints and has all expected papers shall refer to the Driving License. The points are as follows:

  • For this, attend the official website of the Sarathi Parivahan, which is as comes after.
  • Now, select your region from the dropdown choices.
  • Tap on the Learner authorisation button.
  • Click on the Application For New Learner License from the dropdown choices.
  • Read all the crucial actions very carefully. These actions assist you to pertain to the New Learner’s Driving approval.
  • Tap on the proceed button.
  • Now tick on the Application doesn’t carry the DL choice. Later that, tap on the submit preference.
  • Immediately, an application configuration for a Learner Driving License will arise on your computer or laptop wall.
  • Enter all inquired data on the application procedure and pat on the submit button.
  • After that, you will obtain the application number on your authorized email ID and mobile number.
  • •    Now, upload the scan paper of all expected papers (Medical     Certificate,     Address     Proof,  health declaration).
  • Attach the scan paper of the images & impression.

Advantages of Parivahan Sarathi Sewa Outlet

  1. The outlet includes various influences which inhabitants of India can serve. Check the advantages spoken of below;
  1. Nominees who want to pertain for DL need not visit RTO department rapidly, they can handily apply online via Parivahan Sarathi website.
    1. By utilizing this outlet, residents will recoup their important time as well as capital.
    1. Parivahan Sarathi outlet also encompasses assistance for making Aadhaar Card and Passport.
    1. Nominees can search DL petition etc. status from their spot. 
    1. By inaugurating online portal called “Parivahan Sarathi”, helping on manuscript has lessened.
    1. Govt assistance will be enforced efficiently and instantly by Parivahan Sarth Sewa site. 
    1. This point will finance “Digitization” and improve clarity between govt and civilization of the country.
    1. More credible transportation subsidy to residents of India has furnished with the benefit of this outlet.

Verify Payment Status

You can also assess your expenditure that whether it was submitted or not and it can be accomplished by accepting your petition quantity and DOB.

Book your Test Slot

  • Now, nominees have to story their examination slot by joining their petition digit & DOB.
  • The duration which are accentuating with are usable for slot reserving whereas openings are not accessible for those accentuated with red colour and duration which are accentuated with the grey colour is a vacation.
  • Once you opt the date, now its moment to select the period (which will indicate you the quantity of slots accessible in each moment frame)
  • After reserving the slot do not ignore to put up with the print out of the interim appointment letter.

The goal of Sarthi Parivahan Seva Portal

Automobile registration-related data automated through an app named “Vahan”, and the license-related data automated through the “Sarathi” app. Across the portal automobile holders will consult their vehicle details.

The Vahan RTO Portal advantages everyone, and furnishes numerous assistance including transfer of an automobile, eradicating payoffs, lessen paperwork and make a straightforward climate with the use of digital technology.

Thanks for reading.

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