What is PTI and Full form of PTI all information

What is PTI and PTI full form in newspaper.


Hello friends, how are you? Many times it happens that we find new things or new word for us and use google to search about its. You also want to know what is PTI and PTI full form then read this post completely.

PTI full form
PTI full form

First of all, we get to know the full form of PTI. Because, before knowing any thing, it is necessary to know the full form of the short form. And from the full form, we get more information.

PTI full form

PTI full form is Press Trust of India

What is PTI

Press trust of India is a newspaper agency. Which is the oldest. It was founded on 27 August 1947. The oldest newspaper of India is PTI news paper egency. In 1999, President KR Narayan said that freedom has come in the news after PTI. This is the greatest importance of PTI.

The coverage area of PTI covers every region of the country. PTI correspondents are also based in major capitals and important business and administrative centers around the world. It also available on internet. It also has exchange arrangements with several foreign news agencies to increase its global news footprint.

PTI was established in 1947. And his work started from 1949.

Press trust of india official website

Any full forms of PTI

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So friends what is pti? And I have tried to give complete information of its full form through this post. Friends, we should never forget the importance of India’s oldest newspaper. You should share this information with everyone.

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