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Sbi gyanyodaya mybanklearning


Gyanodaya mybanklearning: Below we include comprehensive details about the SBI eLearning portal, so use your SBI HRMS authentication login and password to browse the functionality and successfully navigate to the eLearning website. 

State Bank of India Gyanodaya e-Learning is a forum for focusing on recent changes and developments that is open to every SBI employee for free. Employees will use the SBI Gyanodaya e-learning platform to learn about the latest updates and improvements in their operations. 

To get it, go to and login or sign up for the SBI HRMS and Gyanodaya. The HRMS (HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) is required for all SBI employees; thus, the HRMS alterations the online banking interfaces. 

As a result, any SBI employee can quickly see the most recent updates and determine whether or not to approve them. For Gyanodaya certification, each employee must complete the e-learning program; however, each employee can only have one credential at this time.

Initially, all workers were necessary to accomplish certification, but now each employee is only needed to complete one credential.

  • SBI Reports can be submitted online, and the status of the case can be monitored.
  • Get an SBI Internet Banking Pension Income Slip
  • Employees and retirees of the State Bank of India can access the SBI HRMS ESS Website.

Every State Bank of India employee has accessibility to HRMS, which means Human Resource Management System for SBI. 

In this rapidly globalizing world and Web growth, the banking system undergoes constant changes now and then, which can appear to be a fast-paced evolving climate.

SBI Pay Slip can be accessed from the ESS Portal:

As a result, the State Bank of India has required that all workers have a simple understanding of the procedures in HRMS, banking, and other facilities from its eLearning portal.

The State Bank of India has made some significant reforms, such as relating credentials to promotion eligibility requirements. Any employee who wishes to apply for a career promotion must have relevant certification on hand. But don’t worry. You need to achieve one credential from your role-based occupation, which is a reasonably straightforward process.

After entering, the State Bank of India will provide you with your username and password to activate the Gyanodaya e-Learning site; if you don’t have either or have forgotten it, send an email to HR, and they will reply within a day or two. 

Now that you have your login details, let me take you through the steps for automatically accessing the SBI eLearning platform.

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Login Method for SBI eLearning:

  • Go to to enter the SBI gyanodaya e learning platform.
  • In the top right corner, press logs in on the SBI eLearning Site.
  • Your username and password are necessary fields.
  • In the format domain\user in [email protected], type your Platforms user name.
  • You will now be successfully signed into the SBI eLearning platform if you press Sign In.

What is SBI ELearning’s purpose?

The overarching question could emerge as to why any SBI employee is expected to use an eLearning portal and genuinely help the employee. To address this, we will look at a few of the explanations and advantages while using the State Bank of India eLearning portal to look for recent improvements.


Any revised course or program comes with a new program in the e-learning system, and after completing one entire module, you can gain accreditation in that module after answering a set of questions about the same configuration.


Having at least one role-based credential has become a standard requirement for all workers seeking promotions.

Promotion Types and Credentials

It is essential for all workers to have a basic knowledge of the promotion they are receiving, as well as appropriate role-based credentials, so we have listed the categories of certificates needed at each promotion stage.

Kinds of Certificate: 

The State Bank of India requires both internal and external certification. Internal certification is done directly by SBI employees, although the Reserve Bank of India governs external accreditation.

Exemption from Registration: 

Someone who desires to be removed from the certification process can communicate personally with the DMD, SBI’s HR.


After you have obtained the certificates, they will be valid for the period stated on the certificate. It is also obligatory and essential for all SBI workers to note to revalidate their certificates by undertaking the same training and receiving the credentials again.

SBI eLearning Certificates: How to Get Them?

The big question now is how do workers get the instruction after registering for a credential and training session via the SBI e-learning system?

Award Employees

Employees who are not at the office level and are recognized as cash in care fall into Award workers. 

Employees in this category must first register for certification and instruction online and then attend offline sessions and lectures. To obtain content and resources relevant to relevant task credentials.


This rank includes all officers on a scale of 1-5. All staff must first register for task certification through the SBI eLearning platform and then undergo outdoor seminars. 

After training is finished, an online certification test will be conducted, and if you succeed, you will be rewarded a certificate.

SBI HRMS Portal \sHRMS portal allows the employee to check their general knowledge, financial services and verify the payslips. Both SBI staff and customers use the HRMS.


Any employee would profit from the Gyanodaya platform. Any employee can get a certificate from this platform for promotions.

Certifications include the following:

  • External attestation
  • Certification by an outside source

This site offers the most recent improvements and alerts to the employee.

What exactly is the SBI HRMS Platform?

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a concept that refers to a system that handles human capital. In layman’s words, SBI HRMS is an e-learning platform for bank workers to learn about the latest updates and improvements to their programs so that they can better support their clients. 

It’s worth noting that every State Bank of India employee has exposure to their HRMS.

Helpdesk for SBI eLearning:

When you are a newcomer to the State Bank of India, you may well have a series of doubts about the e-learning system and how to get your credential processed satisfactorily. 

But don’t panic. You could always send an email to the SBI eLearning credential team, who will be happy to respond you might want. You may reach them at [email protected]


You can also contact the SBI gyanodaya e-learning center if you have any concerns. The SBI gyanodaya qualification team is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you send an email to [email protected], they will respond as early as possible.

State Bank of India is a pioneer in handling clients, consumers, and including their workers. We’ve witnessed them create an HRMS forum for improved employee relations, and now they’ve launched an SBI eLearning site to boost employee skills and levels, which is incredible to see.

The State Bank of India eLearning platform offers a fair opportunity to all workers, whether they are cashiers or officers. The way of acquiring training through offline courses, lectures, and then qualification through an online examination brings real value to each employee’s job.

Final thoughts

Check the portal for SBI Employee e-Learning Portal on login to the new portal and verify the required information on the associated page with screenshots provided, use SBI HRMS login and password for successful login to the e-learning page and to enable the functions. I hope you must understand about sbi gyanodaya mybanklearning.


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