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To make the best career and to get a good job, many exams have to be passed. And if you are also preparing for the cat exam to make your career better, so today I am going to tell you the complete information on how to start the CAT preparation in this post.

How to start CAT preparation
How to start cat preparation

Before giving cat exam preparation tips, let me tell you what is the CAT exam? So to get admission for an MBA course, and for study such as in IIM colleges for MBA, you have to pass the CAT exam first. Through the CAT exam, students can get good opportunities in the business field by entering collage like IIM. The CAT exam is a tough exam. Which requires more effort to pass.

How to start CAT preparation

Not just for CAT exam but in other CAT-related exams also you can get good marks by following these tips and get admission in the desired college.

Follow the exam pattern

It is important to know the pattern of the exam before preparing a CAT exam. From the pattern, you can get the idea of ​​studying. In this way you can prepare step by step. CAT exam consists of 100 marks question paper. This entire paper is in MCQ format. The duration of the cat exam is 3 hours. Questions are asked in the three departments given below in the cat exam format.

Quantitative Aptitude (QA)

341 hour
Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (LRDI)

321 hour
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)

341 hour
Total1003 hour
How to start cat preparation

Get info of Syllabus

Get complete information about the subject asked in the exam. So that you will have great ease in preparing subjectwise and boos buying. The CAT exam is a three subject-based question paper. Which you can understand from the below.

Quantitative Aptitude (QA)– in this section asked questions based on Trigonometry, Geometry, Time – Speed And Distance, Number System, Profit, And Loss.

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) – English grammar, English vocabulary, Antonyms, and Synonyms.

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (LRDI) – Cube, Bar graphs, Binary logic, Numbers and letters

How to improve communication skills

Time Management

Time management is very important to achieve your goal. Split the syllabus of CAT exam in your day time. Ensure time for all subjects. Take more time for the subject which is difficult for you. Determine the fresh time for the subject in which you less interested, such as morning time.

Join Coaching Classes

You can take the help of coaching classes to prepare you with good guidance. Because coaching teachers have more experience. Therefore coaching or personal tuition can be more beneficial for a good preparation. Our issues get resolved through coaching. Through caoching you can update with cat exam syllabus and for other informations. Therefore, if you can, then join coaching for CAT preparation.

Get Help from Internet

The Internet is such a medium, due to which you can do preparation while sitting at home, traveling. For the preparation of important exams like CAT, it is very important to use the internet. Friends, on the Internet you will find many such websites from which you can download cat preparation books or even take online coaching. You can also do cat preparation on a platform like YouTube for absolutely free.

Online Mock Test

Mock test is the best way to prepare for the CAT exam online. You can make your preparation advance with a mock test.

Take Care Your Health

Friends, our mind can fresh only when the body is healthy. Always eat healthy food to keep a healthy body. As long as you are preparing the cat exam, pay attention to the body. Because of some diseases, a lot of our time can be wasted.

Join The Study Group

Group study is the best way to get solutions of your questions in very less time. You can get answer your question by a group member or via discussion. You can join the preparation group on Facebook, Whatsapp, telegram etc. Or you can also study face to face in groups. A previous paper can be solved.


CAT exam is tough, so you have to do more effort for CAT exam preparation. Always study with time. You can prepare very best CAT via finding question online. You can check your ability by Mock test. So guys, I home you must understood about how to start CAT preparation.

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