Tips of Story writing in english, you must know

Story Writing In English

Every person has a different hobby. Someone has a hobby of playing cricket, someone has a hobby of reading, someone has a hobby of typing, someone has a hobby of editing. But if you have a hobby of writing, a hobby of story writing in English, then this post will be very helpful to you. Because today I am going to tell you how to write a story in English? What to keep in mind while writing a story? And how to make the written story attractive? You are going to know all those things in this post today.

Story writing in English
Story writing in English

Make the structure of the story

Before writing the story in English or another language, prepare its complete structure. The structure will help you a lot in writing a story. The structure consists of beginning writing, character introduction, paragraphs, conclusion or summary. These points make the story reader-friendly.

Get ideas for writing a story

Friends, to write any kind of story, we need ideas. A story or topic is written on any idea. So, first of all, collect ideas for story writing. Ideas for writing a story can also come on its own. If you know some kind of experience or know of someone who is really inspiring, then you can do story writing by making that topic. It is simple

Read more books to gather ideas. Books readings bring more and more ideas of story writing. You can get better ideas by reading on your mobile too. Read daily. Read new types of novels. You can also get ideas from Google and YouTube in digital time. If you have an idea to write on any one topic, then read more about that topic and go into detail.

In this way, you can start writing a better story by collecting ideas.

Write everyday

Writing a short story every day compels your writing skills. Plus writing experience also increases. That is why it is very important to do writing every day. You can keep a laptop with you to practice writing on a digital platform. You can also practice writing while traveling.

Keep an attractive title

Keeping the title of the story attractive is an important thing. Because the attractive title makes the reader compelled to read. And the importance of the story we wrote also increases.

We read the attractive heading of the news. The attractive and mysterious title of a story makes you attract for reading.

Story writing in English


What are you going to write about in the story? write story hero’s all narration, must be written in a short paragraph at the beginning of story writing. This will benefit that the reader will be able to understand very easily what I am going to read. Always keep suspense in narration. So that the reader will be eager to read the story.

Introduction of characters

You have to introduce characters in story writing. And who is a hero and who is other characters, you have to write the complete information during story writing. It would be better to understand the introduction of the characters paragraph, in the paragraph below narration paragraph.

Paragraph Size

In story writing, large paragraphs have an effect in look and reading. Therefore Paragraphs should not be too small, and too large.

Check Spelling mistakes

Spelling in story writing should not be mistaken. If you are writing a story on a laptop, then use Grammarly extension. If the spelling gets mistaken while writing, the Grammarly extension gives a notification to correct the mistake. You need to pay more attention in the book while story writing.

Recheck after writing

After writing the story, it must be checked. By doing this you can improve the story. Spelling mistakes can reduce while rechecking.

Keep story simple

While recheck, You should make the story as simple as possible. Readers can easily understand simple writing. Make simple the hard sentence and words as possible.

Conclusion after story writing

The conclusion must be written after writing the story. Through the conclusion, the student gets to understand the entire meaning of the story. The meaning conclusion is an important point of story reading.


So, friends, I have explained to you today through this post the complete information about how to write a story in English. Story writing in english Important points are included. Using which you can write the best story in English. So please share important points and structure of this story writing with your friends.

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