Importance Of Water Conservation

Importance Of Water Conservation In Points : If there is water, there is life, there is no life on earth without water. For this reason, we need to understand the importance of water conservation.

The importance of water conservation
The importance of water conservation

Watering is essential for the routine. Water is very important for animals, birds, live animals, and other live creatures. Water scarcity is occurring with increasing time. Therefore, water conservation is important. And today we will understand the Importance of Water Conservation.

Gradually, there is a shortage of water on earth. Water is starting to get contaminated. The use of contaminated water for drinking or growing crops is encouraging evidence of diseases. In such a situation, we should understand the importance of water and conserve water.

Friends, drinking water has started selling in the markets, the main reason is the lack of pure water. If water continues to be sold in such markets and prices continue to grow, it may have to face a lot of trouble to live in the future. Therefore, it is important to conserve water.

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Importance Of Water Conservation In Points

I try to explain the importance of water conservation on based some points.⬇️

Lower Ground Water Level

Friends, with increasing time, the level of underground water has started to decrease. In such a situation, underground water is used through borewells during irrigation. Due to the increase in growth and industrialization, underground water has started to be used more. This groundwater occurs in every area. Whose level is slowly decreasing? For this reason, it is important to conserve water.

Irregular Rain

Due to green house gases, climate change is being affected. In such a situation, regularity of rain has started to get disturbed.

Due to lack of timely rains, crop losses occur. And the water starts to stick. In such a situation it is necessary to store water at the time of rain.

Harvesting Of Trees

Due to making important things and for other reasons, people have started cutting down trees. The tree is responsible for the rain, but due to the cutting of trees, the rain has started to decrease. Therefore, there is a lack of water in the ground level. Therefore, due to lack of water, water conservation is very important.

Water Abuse

There is a lot of water at some places and there is lack of water at some places. Unused water is used in more watery area. Due to which there was the misuse of water, and due to the use of more unnecessary water, water has started becoming lack. In such a situation, water conservation has become necessary.


The use of water has increased due to the population. Along with the population, there is also an increase in industrialization and urbanization. Due to which more and more water is used. Due to which the level of groundwater is starting to decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to store water for long-term use.

Water Contamination

Drinking contaminated water may increase diseases due to lack of water due to population, misuse of water or other reasons. Due to lack of water, contaminated water may also be forced to drink. Therefore water conservation is important. And water conservation is important to save water.

Water is life

Water is life. Without water, our routine is not possible. There is a need for water from morning till evening, such as for drinking, for washing, for bathing, for cooking, and for other purposes. Without water, live creature is not possible on earth. In such a situation, it is important to save water by storing water and using it for a long time.

How to Conserve Water

Friends, it is important to conserve water in a lack of water. I am going to give you some best methods to conserve water. In this way, you can save water for long time use.

  • Do not wastewater. We should use water as per our requirements.
  • Store rainwater during rainy times. Store the water falling from the roof in the ground or in a tank through a pipe. Which can be used for home use.
  • Awake people to store water. In today’s digital time, you can awaken people through a page like Watsapp or Facebook page.
  • Grow trees These trees boost the underground water level by stopping the rainwater.
  • Save water from contamination. Keep the nets of your surroundings strong. And also inform the people.
  • In irrigation, a method like a drip irrigation should be used for irrigation. So that definitely the water can get to the crop. And in the coming time, the farmer will not have to face from lack of water.
The importance of water conservation


Due to increasing water reduction, it is very important to conserve water. By conserving water, we are not only benefiting ourselves but also for the coming generation. You must have understood the importance of water conservation through this article.e Also

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