How To Unblock ICICI Debit Card In 2021 Easy Steps

How to unblock ICICI debit card

How to unblock ICICI debit card : (ICICI) Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank Limited is an Indian global banking and monetary services company. It has its corporate bureau in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and was ascertained on 5th January 1994. The banks have 5275 departments and 15,589 ATMs across India. It has a trademark presence in 17 nations worldwide.

How to unblock ICICI debit card

Unblocking procedure of ATM cards

Most cards appear with pre-activated worldwide usage. If not, call up customer supervision and ask them to facilitate the same.

Some banks also restrict the international mode to a certain amount, ask cust. Sustenance Reg. the same.

Extensively Chip and pin cards appear with the auto-activated method. I’ve never had any problem using my credit and debit cards for distant currency transactions. I’ve consumed hdfc, axis, ICICI debit, and credit cards without any problems.

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If my ATM card is blocked for online patronage then how do I start it again?

If your ATM card is not operating then the bank will initially tell you to try a compact in the home branch of the bank. If you are an SBI user then ATM 2-3 times ago to not then go to the respective window and tell them the situation.

Since will say since you didn’t have any transaction on that’s why the card is blocked and will solve your problem and will again tell you to try and succeeding yo,u succeed. Also, they will tell do wit of draw a minimum of 100 Rs so that your ATM Card works well.

How To Unblock ICICI Debit Card Online

In ICICI bank, the consumers and account holders will get the facility of internet banking and you will be able to obstruct the ATM card with an internet banking account in such confrontations. Here is the comprehensive procedure for it:

Visit the website link

Log in to your internet banking account with user id and password

  • Go to Services > ATM card
  • Select the ATM card number to request hotlisting
  • The consumers of ICICI Bank can also use the mobile application if they are getting the services of mobile banking with the account in the bank.

Request with customer care services

When you are unable to access your internet banking account to make this request, you can also contact the customer care service providers in ICICI bank for ATM card hot listing request. You just need to dial the toll-free helpline number +91 22-3366 7777 from your registered mobile number to make this request. They will require your personal and account-related information to block your ATM card for the protection of your account.

Offline process for ATM card hotlisting

If the consumer is unable to contact customer care services, it is also possible to request with the offline process. You can visit the nearest branch of ICICI Bank to unblock your ATM card. You will need to submit the application form for hotlisting of your card at the bank branch and they will manually complete the process.

Entered the incorrect pin for a debit card 3 eternities? Now the card is blocked for transactions. How to liberate it?

The first choice is to play the waiting contest. Cards are usually shut off for 24–48 hours and then will be freed so you can try furthermore. This should unravel the crisis.

The next choice will be to test the Axis bank mobile app or internet banking porter to glimpse if you have an option to block/unblock your debit card. You can toggle the vicinities and check if this assists.

The alternate choice is to call patron care or your phone banking number. You can chat to a person and inquire them to free it. Make sure you call them from your registered mobile number and phone during banking hours so you avoid existing punctured inside their IVR system.

The ultimate option will be to travel a bank branch in individual and inquiring for help. They may change course you to customer care at moments but if you are lucky to find somebody who can help, then you can bring your card unblocked instantly.

How to extricate the pin of the ICICI bank debit card anyway?

Various ways to extricate or regenerate your ICICI debit card.

Choose from any of the subsequent alleys to induce your debit card PIN.

1.  Mobile Banking online

Login to Mobile and click on customs > Card Services> creat Debit Card PIN

Select your invoice number, debit card digit and enter CVV

Enter the 4 digit debit card PIN of your preference. Verify debit card PIN and ‘enter’.

2.  Online through Internet Banking

  • Login to your ICICI Bank Internet Banking catalogs with your User ID and password. Forgot User ID/ passcode? Click here to receive UserID / generate passcode online instantly.
  • Click on ‘MY CARD PIN
  • Select Debit Card PIN and enter to ‘Generate now
  • Select your Debit Card digits from the record of debit cards associated to your account
  • Enter the 3 numeral CVV number put out on the behind of the card near the impression panel
  • Enter the grid esteems printed on the end of the card
  • A One Time Password (OTP) will be mailed to your registered mobile number.      
  • Enter the OTP on the porter and send  Create and verify your new ATM PIN.

3.  Through an Automated teller machine (ATM)

  • Visit the closest ATM
  • Select the ‘Generate ATM PIN’ choice and click on ‘Create OTP
  • Enter your recorded mobile number and choose ‘Yes
  • Enter your date of birth and choose the  ‘Yes
  • Designate the “Already have on OTP” choice and arrive the OTP obtained on your registered mobile number
  • Enter a 4 numeral debit card PIN of your preference and substantiate your new ATM PIN.

4.  Through Customer Care

  • Phone Customer Care from your registered mobile number and choose ‘Banking Act count
  • Select the  ‘Generate debit card PIN’ choice and infiltrate your 16 digit debit card number
  • Enter the following details i.e. card expiry date, CV, V, and date of birth of primary account holder
  • Enter 4 digit debit card PIN of your choice. Confirm debit card PIN and select ‘Submit
  • Choose ‘Generate PIN’, enter the details and generate the  PIN.


If for some reason the debit card of your IcICI bank gets blocked, and you want to unblock that debit card, then you can follow the above tips. And you can unlock your debit card easily.

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