What is education? Definition and its benefits


What is education?

What is education ??? The word Education originated from the Latin language word “educatur“. Which means doing teaching work.

What is education

DefinationIncreasing your inner power and skills is education.

By the way, education has different meanings. But the essence of all that meaning is the same, to grow your inner powers. Developing ourselves, society and country with education. A person can become a scholar by taking education. Starts to develop on its own.

There are different types of education. Such as education to improve skills, physical education, Musical education. There are different types of education in this way.

Education is a development

Education is not something That is knowledge, which is released through books into each other’s minds.

It is necessary for the development of any area. Today, the era has become digital, people have started doing all the work with their finger, so that is education. Whatever is taught by the parents in childhood is also education. In which we get basic information. Get knowledge of your mother tongue. So that is education.

A creature without education is called ignorant. Such as animals, birds which are not given any education. They just keep eating. But dogs and elephants are also developed by giving them education.

By giving education to animals, they also behave like a human. By giving education, animals also start a friendship with humans.

In our society, without education, a person is described as an animal. He who lives just to eat and dies. Education is very important to live your life. The brain can be developed only by education. That is why education is necessary to develop oneself. Therefore education is a development.

Education is sacrament

Friends, it is not necessary that one should have knowledge about something endemic. Education also includes discipline. also, develope rites by education.

Respecting the elders, understanding the importance of parents, understanding the importance of natural things, having humility and prudence, all this knowledge can only come through education. Which is devlopment in itself.

Education is technology

Yes friends, how will the development of technology happen without education. Today technology has become very developed. The scientist developed himself through education and gave technology to the world.

So this is education. Through which today there is so much devlopment in the world. Today all the work is being done on finger touch. Which is the development of technology.

History of education

It is not easy to know the history of education. Every country has its own idea and history tells the history of education. But education in India texts is said to be very old.

As Shri Ram used to go to Guru Vashistha to get education. Shree Krishna used to go to rishi (teacher) Sandipani to get education. Chandragupta Maurya took education from Chanakya.

Benefits of education

  • Education promotes its inner strength.
  • Education leads to development of country and society.
  • Education brings rites and respect.
  • Knowledge is promoted through education. With whose contribution the country and society can develop.
  • Education promotes skills.


Friends, I have tried to give complete information about what is education. Education is very important for us. If you have good ideas related to education, then you can tell in the comment box.

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