What is IOT and how its work ? Full information

All about internet of things. Full form of IOT


Hallo friends Today we are going to provide very good information in this post. You must have heard about smart devices like smart watch, rings and smart houses. In which IOT is used. So today we are going to know what is IOT in this post and its full form.

What is iot
What is iot

Full form of IOT

The full form of IOT is INTERNET OF THINGS.

The first time use of the IOT was by Kevin Ashton. Kevin Ashton said defination of IOT that through this system, the Internet can be connected to the physical world through universal sensors.

What is IOT – Internet of things

This technology is used to connect all gadgets and electronic devices through the Internet. All the smart devices connected with the help of this technology send data to each other and can receive data from each other.

These work again on the basis of the data sent to each other. At the same time, this technology is very successful in today’s time and is becoming very important for the people.

With the help of this technology, our lives will become very easy in the coming times. With the help of this, you can link any one device with the internet and you can all connected devices to do any work according to you.

A person can connect multiple devices in his home with the help of internet at once and turn them on or off from anywhere.

Example that the AC of your house turns on before you come and cool the room. So it is possible with the help of iot. If you forget to turn of your divice while leaving home, you can also turn off with the help of IOT.

How work Internet of things system

A complete IoT system works by integrating four different components. These components are sensors, connectivity, data processing, and user interfaces. First, sensors collect data from their environments. After which that data is sent to the cloud (Internet process).

At the same time, the sensor sends its data to the cloud through things like wifi, Bluetooth, cellular. Once the data goes to the cloud, the software does some sort of processing on it. After which information is sent to you.

Internet of things Examples

There are some tools in the market on IOT, with the help of Iot you can understand easiliy about internet of things

Wearable devices

Inside the wearables are the things you can wear. Such as sumart ring, smart watch, smart shoes and more. All these things come under Internet of Things. At the same time, you must have heard about many types of smart watches, rings. Such as an apple or samsung company’s smartwatch.

With the help of these devices you can do many things, such as this watch can give you information about your health, while you can send emails anywhere while doing workouts by connecting these devices to your phone.

Smart house

Smart homes are a part of the Internet of Things. Actually smart home is called those houses where all the home appliances are connected with internet. These devices control the heating, AC, doors of the house with the help of sensors.

Suppose if you are not at home and you have left any open door of the house. If the sensor is installed on that door then it will automatically close after some time. Not only this, you will get information about this thing through your phone.

Similarly, there are many devices related to smart kitchens and health, which are counted under IoT. These tools work by understanding the situation on its own.

A lot of compnies make such samart divives as IBM company ranks first in the list of these companies. At the same time, other companies like Google, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Samsung and now MI also makes Samart devices.

Benefits of IOT

With the help of IOT, we can make our life smart. Can do more work with less effort.

Everything can be done easily through Internet of Things. At the same time, the standard of living of the people through the Internet of Things will also increase in the coming time.

With the help of this technique, you can easily do many tasks at once. Apart from this, if you are away from your office or home, then you can easily get information there with the help of smart devices.

Disadvantage of IOT

If all the work starts from the IOT, then there will be a decrease in the jobs of the people. People do not consider internet as safe. Therefore the use of iot can increase the security risk.


Friends I have tried to give complete information about what is IoT and how it works. Over time, you will also have a smart watch or ring. Technology has made human life easier. So I hope that you must have liked this information. Do not forget to share with your friends.


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