What is law? And Types of law courses in india

Law sectors like pentent law, ciber law, criminal law, corporate law all about its


Welcome, I always try to give good information. Students and those who want to get best education informations. If you are a student and want to study of law or Want to know what is law? And types of law courses in india. So this post will be very helpful to you.

Types of law
Types of law

What Is law?

Law is necessary to build any good society, city and public environment. Through its, the society and the city can be steered in the right direction. Maintaining peace in any state, city or region, reducing crime and providing security to citizens is the main part of law and order.

If there is no law, then people can take crime and circumstances in their hands as per their choice. It is needed to keep any country under control. The law is divided into deferent departments. So that various crimes can be handled.

Type of Law courses in india (Sectors)

Law is divided different types. Which we need to know about. By doing courses on these types, we can make our future bright. A person is called a lawyer after doing courses on law.

  • Criminal law
  • Ciber law
  • Pentent law
  • Tax law
  • Corporate law

📚Criminal law

The laws of different types of crimes are included in the Criminal Law. The different-different punishment for the crimes. Such as whole life jail, limited time jail or capital punishment. We can become a criminal lawyer after studying about criminal law. Every citizen of the country should know about this law. In this course, related law of crime is taught.

📚Ciber law

Under Ciber law, Crimes related to digital platforms are taught. Along with the easy features of digital era, digital crime has also increased. Such as laws have been made against hacking, cradit card fraud, copywriter. Which is included in ciber law.

There are very crimes hapening in digital platforms. Because companies store their deta through digital medium. And hackers steal them. In Ciber law, digital crimes related are studied.

📚Pentent atorny

This right is given to any person or company. Which launches new type of service, product or technology. The company or the person launche the product or service, any one no copy of their product or anything they launched, so they are given this right.

Anyone or any comany can not copy of any service of product of pentent right holde. Who want to work on their product they need permission of pentent right holder.

📚Tax law

Tax law includes sell tax, service tax, income tax etc. You can do course on tax law. It is very profitable law course for bright future.

📚Corporate Law

Corporate law is a part of big company’s law. Corporate lawyer is legal advisor of compnies. You can brighten up your career by becoming a corportae lawyer by doing a course of corporate law. Now compnies also hire corportae lawyers for legal advice. Which means more career chance in corportae.

Apart from this, like family law, banking law, etc. are also included in law type.

Law courses

Various courses are available for law. for example

  • LLb 3 year
  • BA LLB 5 years
  • BBA LLB 5 years
  • B.comLLb 5 years
  • B.sc LLB 5 years
  • BLM
  • Phd

If you want to make your career in law, then it is necessary to do LLB course. LL.b’s full name is bechlor of law. In this course, law and order is taught. After learning law, a person attains the degree of lawyer. And he is called a lawyer. Different types of courses also come under the law. If you want to do a master degree within the law then you can also do LLM after LLB.

You can do a Ph.d after LLM. We can make our best career by doing law courses in different sectors mentioned above. Such as ciber law, banking law, criminial law, pentent law which has a lot of career scope.

Best colleges for law study in india

  • Gujarat national law university in gandhinagar
  • K.L.E society law college in banglore.
  • Amity law school in noida delhi
  • Army institute of law in mohali
  • Aligadh muslim university
Types of law


I hope you must liked information about what is law and types of law. I coverd all best laws. You can do course of law and make best future.


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