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What is MBA and MBA full form


Hello friends, today I am going to talk in this post what is MBA? and full form of MBA Full information will give you today in this post.

Our studies are necessary to create a successful life. Through education, we can achieve skills and good degrees. Everyone’s dream is different. Like MMBS, ME, LLB people do different courses according to their interest.

There is a lot of future scope in this course. Because it is a business master degree. Through which you can also make your own business successful. If you have more intrest in business then this course is a better for you.

Full Form of MBA

Master of Business Administration

This is the full form of MBA. From the full form of MBA, we know that these courses are related to business.

What is MBA

MBA is a business related course. Which you must have known from the full form of its. You can do this course after the graduation. The duration of this course is 2 years. You can do after 12th with 5 years. 3 year BBA and 2 year MBA.

After doing MBA you become a business expert. Who can also start their own business. You can do this course in different ways. For example, banking, finance, marketing, It,retail.

MBA courses in india

After doing M.B.A, you can work on any big compnay manager or any big post. If you have your own business, then you can run a business. But it is not necessary for M.B.A to be one’s own business. You can also try your luck in any big copmnay.

MBA is divided into defferent courses. Due to which we get jobs on different pauses. Whenever you want to do this course, you should do the course according to your interest. So that it is easy to read and understand.

  • Banking and finance
  • Finance
  • Technology management
  • Healthcare management
  • Human resource management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Aviation management

# Banking and finance

In this courses, students are taught related to banking and finance. Subjects such as financial markets, accounting, economics concepts and theories, financial management, banking operations, derivatives markets as well as credit management and customer relationship management are included in this course.

After doing this course you can get job on bank manager or any other posts.

# Finance

This is a very good course. It is necessary to be a clever in Student Mathematics for this course. After doing the course, you can get jobs like chartered accountancy, company secretary, banking, actuarial science and financial management.

In the Finance MBA course include subjects like business modeling, financial markets and investment strategy, valuation and investment, managerial economics, etc.

# Technology managenent

With the development of technology, it has become necessary to do this course. In this course, the student is taught about technology devlopment.

Through this course, students are taught to learn to develop an awareness of range, scope, and complexity of technological innovation, and issues related to managing technological change.

# Helathcare management

This is a health management course. Including health care, health managemnet, etc. After doing this course you can get jobs like hospital management.

# Human resource management

In this course, students are taught about HR management. In this course, future scope is very much and selery is also very good.

# Sales and marketing

This course is very rewarding. During this course, students are taught about product marketing. How to promote business and spread it as much as possible is taught in the sales and marketing course.

The demand for this degree has been increasing for the last several years. There is a lot of future scope in this course. After graduation, you can make your future bright by doing a course of slaes and marketing.

# Aviation management

In this course, management like airport, airlines is taught. To get success in this course you must have communication skills. After this course you can get jobs on posts like Air Transport Team Project, Airport Operations, Aviation Organization Operation, Financial Accounting.

Apart from these courses, future scope courses like Financial market,media management, Tourism etc are available.

How to do MBA course in india?

We can do MBA after 12th. We must complete gradutaion after 12th. It is important to clear MBA entrance exam after completing graduation. Entrance exams in India include entrance exam like CAT, CMAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, NMAT.

All these exams are very hard. We need more effort to pass them. You can also apply for the entrance examination in the last year of graduation. So that you get more time to prepare for the entrance exam.

If you want to do direct MBA after 12th, you can do it too. But that course lasts for 5 years.

After 12 th, you must first pass 12 to do mba. By the way, you can pass 12 from any stream. But I will suggest you to pass 12th with commerce.

After 12th pass, you have to choose BBA course for graduation. Which is a three year course. After completion of this course you can do MBA.

In which BBA has to be dne first. After BBA, MBA has to be done for 2 years.


Friends this is a very good course. There is a lot of chance of getting a job after doing this course. I have given information about what is MBA and its courses and full form of MBA. I hope you liked this post very much. Be sure to share this post.

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