What Is Postal Code And All Information About It


What is postal code

What is postal code
What is postal code

We also call the postal code to zip code and pin code.

Zone improvement plan is full form of zip code.

Full Form OF ZIP

Pin code means postal index number. On which our whole postal system relies on. The pin code was started on August 15, 1972.  

India is divided into 6 special zones. There are 8 regional zones and one functional zone. Every pin code gives information about a particular zone. You can show in the above image.  

Postal code is an area code. All area has its own zip code. This code using for sending letter, courier or money order.


But nowadays, the message is sent via email. There is very little use of the zip code for post messaging.  The courier services have started using the PIN code, the PIN code has been back in proving its supremacy.

How to work this code

This code is made of 6 digits. Which gives full details of our area. By helping this number post officer and post a liggel area.

With the help of this code, the post officer can deliver the packet in the right place.

These codes of all areas are different.

I have given you complete information about the zip code. We use the zip code every day but it does not know what is the code. If you like our information, please share it.

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