What is SSC exam and Its full form with full detail

What is SSC exam? CGL, CHSL, STENO, JE, Capf, JHT all informations about this posts.


What is SSC exam?

Hello, Friends. Today I am going to share about what is SSC exam. SSC full form is STAFF SELECTION COMMISSION

ssc full form
ssc full form

There are a lot of government posts in our country, and we have to give them an examination to get a job.

So the SSC is also related to the exam. The question in your mind would be that what is the SSC exam? And what is SSC? So today I will give you full information about SSC in this post.

Everyone has the dream of taking a government job, whether it is IAS or cleark. The government job is safe. So we have to clear some exams to get government jobs. After clearing the exams, we get a job.

SSC makes arrangements for exams for some government posts. Under SSC, the examination is taken. We can also speak SSC to the institution of providing an examination. We know from its full form that its work is similar to some institution.

SSC was founded in 1977. SSC headquarter is located in delhi There are many government offices located in our country. Which helps in fulfilling the needs of the public. During the recruitment of employees in government offices, SSC arranges the exam for the candidates.

Examinations under SSC

As I have already mentioned, we have to clear the examinations to get government jobs. Let’s get to know about the under SSC.

Which exams are in SSC

There are different exams for different posts in SSC exams such as



The full form of CHCL is the Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination, to give this examination, it is necessary that the candidate passes 12th pass from any valid school. 12th person can clear this exam.

Data entry operator, court cleark, postal assistants, lower division clerk, SSC CHSL is recruited on these posts.


The full name of CGL is combined graduate level. The exam of CGL can be given after the graduation. Because this is the graduation level exam. Without graduate candidate cannot Apply for this exam.

The graduate person can apply as soon as vacancy comes out in SSC CGL. CGL is recruited at the graduate level for the recruitment of vacant posts in the central government and their various departments and this examination is done at the national level.

SSC CGL level is graduation level. There is no interview of any kind in this exam.

This exam takes in four parts. Such as

  • 1- Combined Graduate Level (Tier 1),
  • 2- Combined Graduate Level (Tier-2),
  • 3- Descriptive Test (Tier-3), 4- Skills Test

SSC Steno

The art of writing in shorthand is called stenography. shorthand is a short symbolic writing method. In stenography, to increase the speed of writing, the symbol is used instead of words.

Any speech or other thing that is noted by stanography is called a stanographer. In order to give SSC exam, the candidate must have passed 12th from any valid school. Which stream he has passed 12 does not matter. Candidates can apply from arts, commerc, or science from any strem.


For SSC junior engineer exam, the candidate has done engineering or diploma. Because the applicant must have technical knowledge and understanding for this exam.

SSC Capf

Central Armed Polish Forced is capf full form. By the name of it, we know that this exam is related to police. Posts like an inspector, sub-inspector have to clear this exam


Junior Hindi Translator is a full form of JHT. After clearing this exam, we can get the job of a translator. But to clear this exam it is necessary to have good knowledge of Hindi and English examinations.

Candidates with this exam must have a master degree in any subject. Along with this, it is necessary to have Hindi or English language in optional subject

JHT Candidate’s Examination should not be exceeded 30 years of age.


Friends, you have already understood SSC full form and what is this SSC exam? And what are the exams under the SSC? In today’s competition, it is necessary to make heavy efforts to clear examinations. Every year the number of candidates has been increased.

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How to preparation for SSC exam?

If you want to make your best career in SSC exam, then you have to make a good effort. Therefore, prepare 100% behind SSC exam. Collect the complete information related to SSC exam. Also buy some books so that it is easy for exam preparation. Read SSC exam for 3 hours daily. Success will get in this way success

Which exams are under SSC?

There are different posts in SSC exams such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC STENO, SSC JE, SSC Capf, SSC JHT