How to answer – Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years

“Where Do You See Yourself in the Next 5 Years?” – Common Interview Question

The query “Where do you see yourself in five years?” itself is a riddle. The interviewer actually doesn’t want to know the answer to this question, instead, he wants to check if you are capable of being in their company or not. 

This question helps the hiring manager to segregate the other applicants who have the same qualification as you do. But now you don’t need to worry whether you are a fresher or an experienced person, after reading this article, you will be able to answer this question perfectly and confidently.

The following points are going to help you with the interview and crack the work:

  • How do you answer, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”
  • What can’t be said when answering this question
  • Possible answers to this question
  • Why you should check the company’s profile and website before getting your desired job

How to Answer “Where Do You See Yourself in the Next 5 Years?”

First of all, you don’t need to stress if you don’t know about what the future holds for you. Whenever you’re in an interview, the most important advice is to be calm. The hiring manager needs to know if you want “this” particular job or you just want a job to fulfill your financial needs. 

The hiring manager’s job is to find an employee who is willing to work with them for a long time as they don’t want to waste the company’s time as well as money. So, firstly decide and research about that particular company if you want to make that change after getting a job in that company. 

What can’t be said when answering this question

  • One of the worst things while giving an interview is getting personal. Never say something like “Never say anything like “My mom tells me every time I’m really capable of doing whatever I want” or “I’m just here to do it experience and then I will open my own business with the help of my dad’s money”.
  • “I cannot even tell what I am doing tomorrow, how can I tell you what will I be doing in the next 5 years”. This is the kind of answer you’re supposed to keep to yourself.
  • Don’t say something like “In the next 5 years, I will be sitting at your position or I will be the CEO of this company”. 
  • “I am not sure if I will be continuing this job or get back to college and change the industry.
  • Don’t be specific about something like “I will be a digital marketer in the next 5 years with an income of 1 crore per annum.”
  • Don’t say “um” or “ah” while giving the interview in between the sentences. It will show a lack of confidence and the interviewer would not even ask questions other than that. Always be positive when answering the question.
  • Possible Answers to This Question

Possible answers to “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?” can be as follow:

  1. “I’m sure that the coming five years will be beneficial for me. Working in a regarded association with a positive workplace can be fulfilling. I can envision myself developing to the position I am chipping away at. I feel the estimations of this association can be worthwhile to my career. In return, I see myself using my insight to yield better results. The five years ahead are a manual for me. They would take me to an objective where I can love the accomplishments along the street”
  2. If you are a fresher and have no experience, you can say “I want to see myself as an expert in this industry and would love to work with you and invest my time in this company so as to make the best version out of myself. I am sure that I will work hard and these five years will be progressive for me as well as for me.”
  3. For an amateur like me, these five years assume a huge part. Working here can solidify my progression in a positive way. From what I have heard, this association is hopefully acceptable. I can ask no more. Consequently, I can see myself honing my abilities. This experience would then be able to be put to use for the advancement of the association. I intend to construct floors of progress on the establishment. This is the place where I see myself in the forthcoming five years.”
  4. “I am beyond doubt that these years will be productive for the organization and me. As a digital marketer, I would be more than happy to learn new skills like Photoshop, adobe premiere pro, and after-effects as it will help the organization to grow”. 
  5. Pro tip: Always mention that you can learn some new skills which are apart from your industry and would love to implement them to help the company financially.
  6. If you are the kind of person who is very curious and love to learn new things, you can say “ I am a person who has never been bored of learning something new. I would love to put this curiosity level into this organization.”

Why You Should Check Company’s Profile and Website before Getting Your Desired Job

If you are applying for a company, you should always check the company’s culture. Also, the interviewer checks you by asking the question about the company. The major thing the hiring manager wants to know is that if you have an interest in their work or you just want a job that satisfies your needs. 

The interviewer always wants to see if their capability and understanding matches with you or not. As an employee, you need to have a conception of the work you will be given once you are hired.


Just be confident white giving your interview. Do not hesitate to express your views and options about yourself and the company. Show your commitment to the company.

I hope you got your interview questions’s anser- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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